11 Signs It’s Time for Lawnmower Engine Repair Service

Do you suspect that there’s something wrong with your lawnmower engine? Many people often miss or ignore the signs that it’s time to go in for repairs. They are either unaware of what sounds their lawnmower mean.  If you hear noises and suspect there is something wrong, you should head to your local engine repair service provider to get your engine inspected. Sometimes a small problem can turn into a big one if you let it go for too long. To help you get an idea of when to go in for a small engine repair service, here are 11 signs you should look for:

1. There’s a loud knocking sound

A knocking sound in your engine may mean that there is a broken or bent blade. This can be one of the more expensive small engine repairs if you let it continue for a long time.  You should stop using the lawnmower and bring it in for repairs as soon as possible.

2. It’s making sputtering sounds

Sputtering sounds may mean that your rings may be worn out. This can often result from not maintaining the lawnmower properly.  This could be avoided by cleaning the carburetor and replacing the air filter.

3. It’s making rattling sounds

mobile l;awn mower service Greg's Small EngineRattling sounds may indicate that there is a loose or bent part or a part out of place. If you hear this sound, you should stop using the lawnmower right away as it can lead to permanent damage.

4. It’s difficult to get your lawnmower started

If you’re having trouble getting your lawnmower started, it could be that the engine needs to be checked. Don’t assume that all lawnmowers need several cranks to start as they get older with use. This is often a sign that the spark plugs need replacing.

5. The lawnmower is consuming too much oil or gasoline

Are you finding that your lawnmower is consuming much more oil or gasoline than usual? You may notice this if you find yourself refilling your lawnmower between mowing sessions. Again, this may be a problem with the spark plug(s). It may not be firing correctly which results in the gasoline or oil not being used efficiently.

6. The lawnmower engine is inconsistent

If the engine is accelerating and decelerating randomly, then there may be a clog affecting its performance. You want to check the air filter and carburetor to make sure that it’s not clogged by debris or dirt.  If you clean everything out and the engine is still inconsistent, you may need to go to a repair shop to have it checked out.

6. There’s smoke coming out from the exhaust

Smoke can come out of the exhaust if your head gasket needs replacing or if the rings are worn out. It could be a quick or extensive repair depending on the cause.  Sometimes, the smoke can simply be from the debris on the bottom of your lawnmower deck.  It may just need to be cleaned.

7. The lawnmower engine is vibrating too much

If you feel like the engine is vibrating too much, it may be a sign of a loose, broken or bent part. You can tell how much is too much if the engine’s vibration is dictating the turns or if it looks like the engine is moving out of place.

mobile lawn mower repair Greg's Small Engine8. The lawnmower won’t start at all

If the lawnmower simply won’t start at all, then you can run it through a quick troubleshooting session.  Start by making sure that there’s enough gasoline.  Check the carburetor to see if it’s allowing fuel to be drawn in. Finally, check the spark plug and wire to see if they are damaged.

9. The lawnmower doesn’t seem to be doing an effective job

If your lawnmower seems to work fine but it isn’t performing as it used to, then the cause may be bad blades. The blades may be bent or worn out from long term use. You can sharpen dull blades but if that doesn’t change the performance, then the engine may be too weak to rotate the blades through resistance.

10. There is a screeching sound when you start up the engine

A screeching sound may indicate a problem with the engine belt. It may need to be replaced or simply put it back into place if it slipped out of position.

11. The lawnmower engine is shuddering on heavy grass

When your engine shudders on heavy grass it may be a result of buildup which can be easily cleaned off.  However, it may also mean that your engine has problems if it seems to only falter on heavier or denser grass.

These are some of the important signs that people need to pay attention to. Many ignore these signs because they don’t know how to assess their small engine.  If you suspect a problem, you should see an engine repair service professional as soon as possible as the cost of engine repair gets more expensive with neglect.  If you need an expert to look at your engine, get in touch with us and we’ll identify the issue and get your engine back up and running.