3 Summer Fuel Selection Tips for your Lawn Mower

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair we are often asked about the damaging effects of Ethanol blended Gasoline on the performance and longevity of not just Lawn Mowers, but all other Small Engine Power Equipment, including snow blowers, portable generators, chipper shredders, rototillers, pressure washers and log splitters.

Does it make a difference which gas I use for my Small Engine Power Equipment?

Most Ethanol Blended Gas now contains 10% Ethanol (E10).   A blend of 15% (E15) Ethanol or greater (E20 and above) is so destructive that many Power Equipment Manufacturers will void warranties due to its use. Law mandates that the Ethanol Fuel content is clearly labeled on the Gas Pump. In the Northern Nevada Lake Tahoe area (E10) is the best gas currently available.

Purchase Only a 60 day Fuel Supply

Filling your Gas Can with only what you need for 2 months will ensure fresh fuel is being used in your Lawn Mower and other Outdoor Power Equipment.

Use a Fuel Stabilizer

A Fuel Stabilizer will extend the life of the Gas, delaying, but still not preventing the damaging effects of Ethanol in Your Lawn Mower and other Outdoor Power Equipment.

Go to Greg’s Small Engine (The Blog): Ethanol Gas Wreaks Havoc on Small Engines” for an in depth explanation on the destructive effects of Ethanol Blended Gas.