7 Tips to Maintain your Lawn Mower Engine

A lawn mower is a great tool to have if you have a beautiful lawn to maintain in your home. As with most mechanical tools though, mowers require constant checking to ensure optimal performance. All the different engine parts need to be kept in perfect working condition. Below are a few tips that we compiled to help you maintain your lawn mower engine.  

Read the manual

When you buy a lawn mower, it usually comes with an operator’s manual. This is very helpful because it  contains the specifics of the lawn mower. It explains how to operate and maintain your lawn mower. These include:

  • Lawn mower make and model
  • Safety information
  • Operation advice
  • Storage and maintenance tips

Be sure to keep the operator’s manual handy, especially when attempting to make repairs or service your lawn mower.  Do not attempt to be a hero, read the manual first!

Create a maintenance schedule

A lawn mower engine has many different parts and each of these parts needs special attention at different intervals. 

Read your operator’s manual to know the different parts of your lawn mower engine and when to service them. Each make and model has different specifications and maintenance of its components. Know these specifications and plan your maintenance schedule around them. Keeping all of them working well requires a detailed plan.

Check and change the oil often

Engine oil is key to the proper functioning of a lawn mower engine. You should always make sure the lawn mower has fresh oil.

During the mowing season, make sure to inspect oil levels before use, and top off if needed. An oil change is generally required after every 50 hours of use. If you are using your lawn mower for the first time, make sure to change the oil after 5 hours of use. 

Use fresh fuel only

Fresh gas keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently. Old fuel causes gum deposits to collect in your carburetor affecting the starting and performance of your lawn mower engine. 

Avoid letting fuel sit in your lawn mower tank for too long. When storing your lawn mower, drain all the fuel to avoid having it go bad in the tank. Alternatively, you can use a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh for longer periods of time.   

Inspect the spark plugs 

Clean spark plugs ensures that your lawn mower engine starts hassle free every time. They normally last a long time but may get damaged if a lawn mower has issues with bad air and fuel mixture.

Check your spark plugs and replace them at least once a year if necessary. If they need replacing, make sure to find the correct replacement parts. You can use a wrench or socket  to remove them. If the plugs have deposits on them, use a wire brush to clean them. Avoid over tightening when putting them back as this may cause damage to the crankcase.

Keep the air filter clean 

The air filter is also an important part of a  smooth running engine. It needs to be checked regularly and cleaned of debris or replaced.

When checking your cardboard air filter, it is best to replace it  instead of cleaning it. If it is a foam filter, you can soak it in warm soapy water and air dry it. When putting it back, you can add a thin layer of clean motor oil to trap more particles. 

Take it to a professional

If you prefer to  consult a professional, you can find a local small engine repair professional with lots of experience to help you out. 

At Greg’s small engine repair, we have years of experience maintaining small engines and we take pride in our work. We also have a pick up and delivery service to make your life easier. Contact us now to schedule a pick up and get your lawn mower engine serviced professionally.