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briggs and stratton small engine repair

Mastering Small Engine Repair: Your Guide to Briggs & Stratton Engines

Learning to handle Briggs And Stratto small engine repairs properly can save you time and money. This expanded guide provides a more in-depth overview of Briggs & Stratton engine basics, troubleshooting techniques, maintenance tips, and DIY repair instructions. Read on to become proficient at identifying engine parts, diagnosing issues, performing scheduled upkeep for peak performance,

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Honda Small Engine Repair

Honda Small Engine Repair: A DIY Guide

Proper Honda small engine repair and maintenance is crucial for Honda users. It is because, with time and use, the performance of these small engines reduces. Hence, they require time to time maintenance or repairing.    This article provides a DIY guide to common Honda engine repairs, troubleshooting issues, maintenance tips for using a certified

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snowblower maintenance

7 Snowblower Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

For many of us, tackling heavy snow can  feel like an insurmountable burden. However, heavy snow doesn’t have to be challenging when you quality snowblower. As long as you keep your snowblower in tip-top shape and ensure that its parts are in good working condition, you’ll be ready for winter!  Unfortunately, some people fail to

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How to Extend the Life of your Lawn Mower?

How to Extend the Life of your Lawn Mower?

A lawn mower is one piece of home equipment that takes a lot of beating. It is something we all need to be up and running, especially during spring and summer. With the aid of a lawn mower, the task of cutting grass is a lot easier. No other device can perform the same work.

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Top 5 Common Problems With Small Engines

Top 5 Common Problems With Small Engines

Homeowners use different kinds of tools and equipment inside their homes. It helps them accomplish household chores such as cleaning the lawn and the yard. Some use these tools with small engines to keep their houses in top condition. However, people can have problems with their equipment.

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What Fuel Type to Use in Your Lawn Mowers and Small Engines

What Fuel Type to Use in Your Lawn Mower and Small Engines

Most homeowners own different small engine equipment to help them maintain their house. From blowing off leaves in the front yard, to cutting the grass in the backyard. Small engine maintenance involves knowing the best fuel type for the equipment you own.

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How to Store Small Engine Equipment for Winter

How to Store Small Engine Equipment for Winter

People in Nevada endure all seasons: summer, spring, autumn, and winter. When winter arrives, every household prepares their tools and other equipment for the cold weather.

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lady using a pressure washer

7 Common Pressure Washer Problems

A pressure washer is a handy tool which has made a lot of our work easier. Cleaning has never been more convenient since this invention. With the help of a pressure washer, deep cleaning around your property has become easy. This tool can effectively get rid of graffiti as well as the dirt and debris

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portable generator with wheels

Things to Know Before Buying a Portable Generator

Power outages or blackouts can happen at any time. It would help if you have a backup source of electricity. This is when portable generators can come in handy. Portable generators can handle several different tasks aside from power outages when the lines are down. They are also useful for house remodeling projects which need

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pressure washer cleaning car

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Washers

The exterior of your home, your concrete patio and your car are just some of the things that take a lot of beating from the harsh weather and elements. Grime, mud, dirt and other debris accumulate fast on these surfaces and they require a thorough cleaning. When it comes to tough cleaning jobs, nothing else

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Greg & James are a great father/son team who provide the BEST in customer service! They just fixed our 25 year old snowblower that had never had a full service before. They picked it up & dropped it off (all part of the price) and it’s running as if it’s brand new. Thanks guys for being so customer-service focused! Read more

Thank You!

“We can’t say enough great things about Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair. Personalized service, quick turn-around, during this crazy 2016-2017 Tahoe winter. Unbelievable! Thanks to James and Greg.” Read more

G&M Fins - Meyers CA

“My snow-blower broke down during our heavy Winter this year.  I was distraught and had to find someone to help me get my snow-blower working again.  I found gregsmallengine.com and talked to the owner, Greg.  He called me and let me know what was done to my machine to get it up and running again.  The cost was very reasonable and I am very happy to say it was delivered back to my house.

I am one happy customer and he is a super nice person!” Read more

Debbie R. - Stateline NV

My snowblower broke down and I decided to call Greg’s Small Engine Repair. Greg drove up to my house in South Lake Tahoe and picked up my snowblower and had it fixed up within a couple days and delivered back to me. His pricing was fair and he called me before doing any fixes. Thank you! Read more

John B.South Lake Tahoe, CA

Gregs Small Engines picks up & delivers your Lawn Mower back to you. Excellent Work/Service. Read more

David H, Gardnerville

These guys are awesome! I was turned away from every other small engine shop in Reno/Sparks due to the type of engines I had. I need my engines for work so when these guys found out my situation they not only drove from carson city to sparks, they went to Napa and picked up spark plugs form me. Best customer service ever! Customer for life! Thanks guys. Read more

Taylor L. - Sparks, NV

Greg and son run a great business. They provided a a very good ball park estimate when I first called. They were very helpful and honest in helping determine whether the repair would be worth it. They did a great job in repairing the mower for a reasonable cost. I highly recommend them. Read more

Paul S. , Reno

I really appreciate Greg’s Small Engine Snow Blower Pick Up & Delivery.  Greg’s Small Engine was prompt, efficient and reasonably priced.  They took excellent care of my Snow Blower!” Read more

Roxanne M. - Stateline NV

I asked Greg’s Small Engine Power Equipment Service & Repair to look at and repair three different Small Engine Machines – a Snow Blower, Rototiller & a Pressure Washer. They were honest and straight forward about needed potential repairs. They said what they were going to do and followed through. The best two things in their Service was not to repair a machine that was not worth repairing and Picking Up and Delivering the Power Equipment. Their Service saved me Money & Time. I certainly would recommend them for your Small Engine Power Equipment Needs. Read more

Ken - Reno NV