Common Small Engine Problems

Appliances with small engines are especially helpful for homeowners in Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe area. But what happens when your trusty lawnmower or snow blower stops working all of a sudden? Then it is time to diagnose your small engine problem and find a solution. At Greg’s Small Engine Repair, we’d like to give you the tools to address small engine problems!

What are Common Small Engine Problems?

Common Small Engine Problems

One of the most common small engine problems is that the small engine will not start.

Problems with small engines vary, but here are some examples of common small engine problems:

  • Your small engine does not start.
  • Your small engine starts but dies after a only few seconds.
  • Your small engine idles roughly or vibrates too much when running.
  • Your small engine lacks power when running.
  • Your small engine surges or runs unevenly while in operation.
  • Your small engine backfires while in use.

At Greg’s Small Engine Repair, we will help identify the problem and take care of your small engine so you do not not have to replace your small engine appliances prematurely.

Diagnose Common Small Engine Problems

Common Small Engine Problems

There are steps you can take to address common small engine problems.

The most common problems people encounter with small engine appliances can be divided into two very simple categories. Either the problem occurs when attempting to start the small engine, or the problem occurs after the small engine has been running. Your first step is to identify to what category your common small engine problem belongs.

If your small engine will not start, the primary factors to check first are fuel, spark, and compression. Does the small engine have enough fuel, and is the gasoline fresh and clean? Also, check the oil quality and levels after checking your gas in the small engine.

If the small engine will not start, the next step is to check the spark plug. If there is not a good spark, the small engine cannot start properly. Remove the spark plug and test it. Replacing a spark plug is a much more cost effective solution than replacing an entire small engine. If you are still experiencing problems starting your small engine, check the compression of the engine. If your engine starts but does not keep running, the problem may be the carburetor.

Safety When Addressing Common Small Engine Problems

If you need to test your small engine for common problems, make sure you are test running the small engine outdoors. If you run the engine indoors, you put yourself at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Another smart safety step is to wear proper protection for your eyes, arms and hands when testing the small engine. We wish you luck as you address the common problems of small engines!

Greg’s Small Engine Repair

If you are having problems with your small engine appliances in the Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe area, look no further than Greg’s Small Engine Repair! At Greg’s Small Engine Repair, we can address the common problems that ail small engines.

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