Diagnose Your Broken Snow Blower

Do You Suddenly Have a Broken Snow Blower?

It’s the dead of winter and you did all the proper pre-season care – changed the oil, fresh fuel, filters, spark plugs, checked the tires, lubricated, checked for any critter nest, started it up and made sure everything was engaging properly and made sure nothing was rattling out of place. Start of the season your snow blower was kicking some snow out of the ball park but now it has stopped dead in its tracks. The list of reasons why you are now sitting with a broken snow blower could be endless.

The following is a list of some of the common problems of a broken snow blower:

  • Engine will not crank/start
  • Engine Stops
  • Object jammed in Snow Thrower
  •  Does not operate in Forward/Reverse
  •  Friction disc wear
  •  Unit throws snow poorly or does not throw snow
  •  Tires not turning
  • Augers
  • Impellers

Hire a Professional for Your Broken Snow Blower

Your Owner’s Manual contains the model-specific troubleshooting tips for your snow blower that could help diagnose and fix the problem. However, it is important not to attempt repairing your broken snow blower without being 100% sure you are correct in your diagnoses. Minor issues may be fixed by reading their owner’s manual, however more severe issues require professional repair. Rather than risk making an unnecessary costly repair or trying to fix a broken snow blower when you are unsure, we strongly recommend you seek out a professional to properly diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your machine.

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