DIY Pressure Washer Repair

Having a pressure washer is a great convenience.  However, if you do not know how to maintain it and check for possible problems, you might not be able to maximize its use.  You have to know how to assess your equipment and determine if you can fix it yourself or if you need to make a trip to the pressure washer repair shop.

While there are a number of repair shops around, you can do something about these common problems without calling for professional help.  This can save you your precious dollars.  Here are common pressure washer issues:

      • Low Pressure
      • Runs very rough                                                                                                    pressure-washer-min
      • Leaks
      • Too much pulsating
      • Shuts off automatically
      • Will not start

Pressure Washer Repair Cost

Doing preventive maintenance to avoid expensive repairs is still the best thing you can do with your pressure washer. If you’re not inclined to doing that, your pocket stands to shoulder one or two of the following expenses.

      • ­Replacing the pump will cost you about $200, give or take $50. You’ll need about $20 for a new relief valve and a hose adaptor. If you can replace the pump, you stand to save your pocket somewhere around $50.
      • Replacing hoses is the cheapest of repairs. A hose is typically under $5, but if it is the whole hose assembly that needs replacement, that will cost you $10 – $15. Prepare $20 should you decide to hand over the job to a repair shop.
      • The pressure gauge is one item you should also pay attention to. It is easy to replace, which only involves pulling away the old one and have a new one in its place. The task is finished in less than five minutes.  Calling in a technician will cost you at least $15 and at most $50 for a half-hour job.  A new gauge costs about $25. If you can find a good shop online, you can have a used gauge for only $10.

Pressure Washer Kit

Purchasing a pressure washer kit is a wise decision to make.  Depending on the brand and model, buying a kit for your unit can cost you at least $40. Make sure you compare prices.  Ensure also that you ask what’s inside the kit because not all kits have the same contents. If you intend to make sure you are ready for any or all the parts that easily wear out, you may need to get more than one kit. Prepare a hundred bucks for this.
You can do things to prevent costly damage to your pressure washer. Keep your equipment clean and free of debris. Keeping it well-lubricated is also a must if you want your equipment to serve you for a long time.

Pressure Washer maintenance and repair with Greg’s Small Engine

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