Don’t Get Stuck in the Cold: How to Maintain your Portable Generator

Purchasing a top-quality portable generator doesn’t mean you will always enjoy trouble free operations.  Proper maintenance is necessary for your device to perform at optimal levels whenever needed and for a long time. Fortunately, keeping a generator in excellent working condition is not hard.  This can be done with the assistance of a portable generator repair service provider. Below are tips on how you can maintain your portable generator.

Before use

Before using it, give your portable power generator a basic cleaning. A clean, lint-free piece of dry clothing is perfect for removing dust and dirt. To remove

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stubborn stains, damp this piece of cloth in warm water. Before you run the device, check for loose bolts and parts, paying particular attention to the mounts. If your portable generator utilizes an electric start, confirm that the battery is fully charged.
Add stabilizer to the generator’s fuel, bearing in mind that you must adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Apart from reducing the breakdown of fuel, stabilizers prevent varnish and gum buildup. Using a long-spouted gas can, fill the fuel tank but not to the very top, leaving a little air.   You should never refuel your generator while it is still hot. Instead, let it cool off for at least 15 minutes. Back feeding power into the device can cause serious damage, injuries, and death. You should also never connect your generator to the wiring of your premises.

After use

Allow your generator to cool off before performing a small engine generator repair service or any other maintenance work. Portable generator repairs done while the device is hot can be dangerous. If a drop of fuel falls on the hot surface, it can result in significant damage and even injury. When you are done using your generator, and you won’t need to use it for a long time, remove all the remaining fuel from the tank and carburetor before storage.  The most effective technique when it comes to removing all the fuel from the tank is a hand suction pump.  Fuel will drain into the carburetor if you allow it to remain inside the reservoir. While some carburetors have a drain that to remove any remaining gas, others do not.  If your portable generator does not feature a drain, run it until the carburetor runs out of gas. Use the carburetor’s drain only when the fuel tank is empty. Generators often require small engine repairs due to issues resulting from negligence.  Portable generator repair service providers recommend storing in a cool, dry place. Although you can use your garage if it is cool and dry, cover the device to minimize exposure to dirt, dust, moisture, and corrosive vapors.

General maintenance

small engine generator repairChanging the oil should be part of your small engine generator repair and maintenance service. Oil lubricates the engine and all its parts and should be changed as required by the manufacturer. For new portable generators, manufacturers usually recommend changing the oil after the first 25 hours of run time. From then on, you should change it every 50-60 hours. To avoid spills and ease the task, use the accessories provided by the manufacturer.

Without the proper lubrication of your generator’s engine, you will most likely have no power.  As such, small engine repair experts recommend storing enough oil in your home. To ensure your generator continues to operate at optimal levels, do not allow it to stay for extended periods without running. Run it once every month when not in constant use. Apart from keeping the generator in good working condition for years to come, running it once on a monthly basis will help you to save on repairs. Another important small engine repair service is filling the tank with half a gallon of fuel and running the generator for an hour every month. Watching out for any sign of trouble such as leaks, strange noises, and malfunctioning parts is the most important part of this maintenance service. Remember to remove oil from the carburetor and empty the fuel tank completely.
If the problems you are having with your portable power generator seem to be beyond your abilities,  you should not attempt to do it yourself. We have experienced technicians who are capable of providing proper guidelines over the phone or directions to our nearest repair shop.  For professional and reliable advice and solutions, contact us as soon as you can. We will ensure you get maintenance and repair services based on your warranty.