Essential Wood Chipper Safety Tips

Wood chippers and shredders are great tools for cleaning up the lawn and turning downed trees and limb into usable mulch and wood chips. These are pretty powerful tools. It requires a lot of power and energy to turn a fully intact tree limb into pencil shavings. So it is important to follow proper safety techniques when working around and with chipper shredders. Below we will get into some important wood chipper safety tips.

The first safety is the easiest: use common sense. Most injuries caused by chipper shredders could be avoided by the proper application of common sense and a decent awareness of ones surroundings. Let’s take a look.

Check what goes in

It is important to make sure that the material and debris that you feed into the chipper is appropriate for both the size and power of the chipper and safe to put through the chipper teeth. Make sure that there are no large loose debris being fed into the chipper. Further, make sure that the limbs and other junk you are feeding into the teeth are free of metal or other non-wood material. Debris that is not meant for a chipper can damage the chipper, or it can be ejected from the chipper causing damage or injury.

Safe Distance

Use a long twig or pole to feed material directly into the chipper. This will ensure that your hands are a safe distance away from the machine. Close contact with the machine increases the possibility of an accident. Be careful to avoid the feed chute area. A moment of distraction could find you get pulled into the machine. Feed leaves and smaller tree parts into the transport compartment.

Keep Clothing close

Loose clothing can get caught in the chipper feed and pull you or a limb or body part into it. Before working with a wood chipper, make sure that any loose clothing is tucked in, or , better yet, choose work clothes that are snugand fit well.

Wear Safety Items

No matter how careful you are about what goes into the chipper, the forces at work can cause pieces of wood and other debris to be ejected, creating a serious safety hazard. Before putting anything in the chipper, make sure you have on safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris.

Keep the Working Area Clean

When working around a wood chipper, a fall can result in a lot more than a few bruises. A fall can mean slipping into the jaws of the chipper. To reduce the chances of tripping and falling while working around a wood chipper, keep the work area clean and free of debris. Clean as you work and remove any leftover debris and limbs.

Wood Chipper Repair with Greg’s Small Engine

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