Handy Mobile Generator Repair Tips

A mobile generator is an enormous investment. Making sure that it is functioning properly will ensure that it will truly serve the purpose for which you bought it. Otherwise, you can end up having a big headache when you need the equipment during emergencies. As proper maintenance is a must, these generator repair tips can help you ensure that your unit is ready any time you need it.

Mobile Generator Repair Tips: Things to Look Into

Initially, you should check three things – fuel, spark, and air. The generator needs these things to start. Many engine issues are usually connected to one or two of these three elements.

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As the weather gets cooler, it’s important to keep your generator maintained.

  1. Fuel – Having enough fuel in the tank is clearly necessary. Don’t use old gas and don’t allow gas to sit inside the tank unused for a long time. If the generator is running rough, ask the question: has the fuel been sitting inside for quite a long time? The answer is most probably yes. The trick is to run the generator once in a while or once or twice every month, and every time you do that, run it for two to three hours.If the generator still fails to run, do a quick look at the vent hole which is located above the fuel cap. If that vent is clogged and prevents fuel to flow through into the carburetor, no fuel can enter the engine. A congested fuel pump or an unclean carburetor can also prevent the engine from running. Clean these parts. Worn-out parts should be replaced.
  2. Spark – Spark is another component to check. For this, you need to inspect the spark plug, particularly its color. The spark plug’s appearance can give you a good hint about whether your generator is running “rich” or “lean” or the carburetor is releasing inappropriate amounts of air and gasoline.To be running “rich” means the engine has been receiving too much gasoline while air supply is insufficient. Vice versa, too little fuel and too much air supply means your generator has been running “lean”. Either of these conditions will prevent the spark plug to deliver spark. If the spark plug looks oily and black, the engine is running “rich”.If it looks tan or white, the engine has been running “lean”. Replace the spark plug. The advice from experts is to replace, not just clean it and use itagain. Spark plugs are not very expensive and usually, spark plug cracks are too tiny for anyone to clearly see.
  3. Air – Air supply is also a very important element for fuel combustion. Check for clogging at the combustion chamber and the air filter. Clogged air filters are the most usual source for insufficient air supply. Clean or replace the filter as needed

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