How to Fix a Lawn Mower Pull Cord that is Stuck

Maintaining a tidy and manicured yard without a lawn mower would be impossible. Lawn mowers are essential devices to help keep our yards, patios and other outdoor spaces safe, attractive, and beautifully landscaped. They make it easy to find the right height and width for any grass or foliage. However, we can all agree that a pulled cord stuck on a lawn mower is a significant inconvenience. It can be a real nuisance for anyone who loves to keep their lawn in tip-top shape. It is annoying and can also be dangerous if the mower blade is spinning while you try to get the cord unstuck.

Before we discuss how to tackle a stuck lawn mower pull cord, let’s first talk about the possible causes.

Possible causes of pull cord not catching

There are a few possible issues that could be causing your pull cord to become stuck. The most common cause is when dirt, debris or grass clippings get lodged inside the recoil assembly. This can prevent the pulley from spinning properly and make it difficult to pull the cord out. Another issue could be broken or worn pawls. Pawls are the small pieces used to help control and engage the clutch of a lawn mower’s engine. Over time, these pawls can become broken or worn out from use, which will cause them to not properly engage. This can prevent the pull cord from functioning correctly, making it difficult to start up the lawn mower engine.

Now that we’ve discussed the possible causes let’s move on to how you can fix a lawn mower pull cord that’s stuck. Here are helpful steps to get your lawnmower working again in no time!

Repair broken or worn pawls

If you suspect the pawls are broken or worn out, carefully remove them and inspect them for any damage. Make sure the spark plug is unplugged before starting the repair to ensure your safety. Replace any damaged pawls and reassemble the recoil assembly.

Check blade obstruction

Blocked grass or dirt can slow down or stop the blades, preventing your lawn mower from starting. To check for a blockage, carefully remove the spark plug or other safety device and make sure all debris has been cleared away before reattaching it and attempting to pull start your lawn mower again. Make sure you are wearing gloves while doing this task as an added layer of protection.

If the above steps don’t work, also pay attention to any other strange sounds that might be coming from the engine, such as screeching or similar noises – these could suggest mechanical issues that may need further inspection by a professional for your lawn mover to get running again.

Clean or replace the recoil assembly

If you’ve inspected and repaired any damaged parts, it may be necessary to clean or replace the entire recoil assembly if it has become clogged with dirt and debris. To do this safely, remove the spark plug connector and take off the housing for the recoil system. Then use a soft brush to carefully clear away any debris that could be stuck inside. Once done, reattach all components and try pulling the cord again.

Lubricate moving parts

To help make sure your lawn mower runs smoothly, lubricating its moving parts is essential. Take out all screws of the engine cover plate and spray some lubricant into every nook and cranny of your lawn mower engine. If there are any visible parts that look corroded or damaged, it may be best to replace them altogether.

Inspect for hydro-locking

Hydrolocking occurs when oil is discharged and then becomes trapped in the cylinder. As you attempt to pull the cord, it will sound dull, and the resistance will be much greater than normal. If this does turn out to be the cause of your troubles, fear not: draining the fuel tank should easily fix this issue. Adjusting compression or replacing faulty spark plugs are other potential causes of this malfunction, so it’s best to consider all possibilities before attempting any repairs.

Check for engine problem

If none of the above steps work, it may be an issue with your lawn mower engine itself. It could be a problem with the spark plug or other internal components that might require professional assistance to properly diagnose and repair.

Replace pull cord

In some cases, the pull cord itself may have worn out or become damaged due to prolonged use. To fix this, you’ll need to purchase a new replacement cord and carefully follow the instructions for replacing it on your particular lawn mower model.

Inspect other components

Finally, inspect any other parts, such as the air filter or spark plug connector, for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear, which could prevent your lawn mower from starting.

With these steps, you’ll be able to fix a stuck lawn mower pull cord and get your lawnmower running again in no time! Just remember always to unplug the spark plug or other safety devices whenever making repairs, and wear gloves for extra protection.

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