Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide

Are you a lawn mower owner who only services their machine when something brakes or won’t start? You’re not alone. Most lawn mower owners assume their lawn mower will continue to run well without proper maintenance. This may cost you more money in the long run and will ultimately shorten the lifespan of the lawn mower. At Greg’s Small Engines (GSE), we are here to provide you with the knowledge and service to keep your lawn mower well-maintained so that it’s reliable and lasts a long time.

Purchasing a lawn mower is a warm and powerful feeling. Your lawn mower is the most important tool when caring for your ever-so precious lawn. Through years of experience, Greg’s Small Engine is confident that this guide will help you care for your lawn mower.


The most important part of lawn mower care. It’s essential to have fresh gas in your machine at all times. The quality of the gas from a high-quality gas station also matters. You will only need to buy type 87 octane gas for their lawn mower. High quality gas ensures that harmful effects of ethanol are decreased by the chemicals that are added to these high-quality gasolines. In recent years, the United States has seen huge raises of ethanol content in the gas we buy. Ethanol is like cancer to your lawn mower. First, it breaks down into a jelly substance which clogs your carburetor jets. Then, it brakes down further into acids and water which corrode your fuel tank, carburetor, and gas lines. Finally, the ethanol damaged the carburetor so bad that it must be replaced. It is also very common for gas tanks and gas lines to leak from the corroding effects of ethanol and they will need to be replaced. You may be thinking; Can I put gas treatments into my gas to stop the effects of ethanol? This is not a bad idea and will slow the degrading process of ethanol and gas. However, it does not stop these harmful effects and is not as effective as one may assume.


lawn mower maintenance oil change

Changing oil in your lawn mower is important

Oil is as important as gas and must get regular service. The oil should be checked every few weeks to ensure it’s at a proper oil level and that it does not get dark black. Once the oil in a lawn mower gets dark black, it turns into a sludge-like liquid which creates many problems. Dark black oil will make your machine run hotter and less effective while cutting grass. It will also decrease the life span of your lawn mower.

Air Filter

It’s important for your lawn mower to have a clean air filter to function properly. Air filters may get dirty fast and need replacing, especially in dusty climates. If a dirty air filter stays in a machine, it will run hotter, have less power, and have problems starting.

Spark Plug 

Having a good, functioning spark plug is vital for your machine to start and run correctly. If your lawn mower won’t start, it is always good practice to check and replace the spark plug.

Cutting Blade

It is important to sharpen and balance the blade or blades on your lawn mower. If blades are not properly sharpened, they will not cut grass effectively. They will also get dinged and nicked up easier by rocks, pipes, cement, and other hard objects the blade may hit.

In this article, we learned the basic lawn mower maintenance regimen to reach the ultimate-goal; “A consistent reliable lawn mower”. This guide was designed to give you a good head-start towards maintaining your lawn mower. It is a part of the American dream to own a lawn mower and cut your own grass… Enjoy!

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