Lawn Mower Maintenance

Whether you mow your lawn weekly or just the day before that garden party, you will want to keep your lawn mower in tip top shape. Keep your lawn mower running well for a long time with proper lawn mower maintenance.

As with all small engine appliances, the first step in improved lawn mower maintenance is to read the owner’s manual! Now let’s move on to other important and overlooked lawn mower maintenance tips.

Keep Your Lawn Mower Clean

A simple and yet easily forgotten step in proper lawn mower maintenance is the step of cleaning your lawn mower after each use. This lawn mower maintenance activity is often skipped because there are so many other things to be done! However, think of your lawn mower like your teeth. If you don’t brush nightly, then you will pay the consequences at the dentist’s office.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Proper lawn mower maintenance will keep your lawn mower running well for many years.

Take the extra few minutes after mowing your lawn to brush off your mower with a dry rag or a clean broom. Do not forget to clean out the undercarriage after use as well, since debris in the undercarriage can clog the discharge chute. Before performing this lawn mower maintenance task, disconnect the spark plug to be safe. Clean the undercarriage of your lawn mower with a wire brush first, and follow up with a quick rinse of remaining debris with your garden hose.

Check Tire Pressure

Many lawn mowers are outfitted with rubber tires filled with compressed air called pneumatic tires. Lawn mowers with pneumatic tires are considered easier to move across a lawn, but uneven tires on a lawn mower will result in an uneven cutting of your lawn. Use your tire pressure gauge to measure the air in each tire so you know when it’s time to fill your tires with more air — before your lawn gets a poor cutting.

Lawn Mower Blade Maintenance

An essential aspect of lawn mower maintenance is keeping the blades of your lawn mower sharp. The blades of your lawn mower are more likely to become dull at a rapid rate if you mow over rocks, fallen branches, and other debris. Clear your lawn of any large debris like stray garbage or larger sticks to protect your blades from unnecessary trauma.

Lawn Mower Maintenance

Proper lawn mower maintenance helps you keep your lawn mower running for years.

Sharpen the blades of your lawn mower occasionally using tools like a vice and a metal file. If you have less experience sharpening lawn mower blades, not to worry! Many professional lawn mower maintenance providers can sharpen the blades for you at a relatively low cost.

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair

Your lawn mower, like many other small engine appliances, will run better for longer if you occasionally take it for a professional tune up. Take an important step in lawn mower maintenance by getting a professional tune up at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair. The trained professionals at Greg’s Small Engine can help you keep your lawn mower and other small engine appliances running smoothly.

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