Log Splitter Safety

When working with small engine equipment of any type, it is important to practice good safety habits. There are many things that can go wrong and a lot of sharp edges to watch out for. Chipper shredders can be especially dangerous if not properly respected. And if you are getting ready for the winter by splitting wood using a mechanical log splitter, its very important to follow safety precautions to avoid serious injury. Log splitters are powerful machines. They can cut even the toughest logs with ease. A stray finger or limb can just easily be mangled. Below you can find some log splitter safety tips to ensure that you are safe while getting your firewood ready this season.

Log Splitters safety tips. image of split wood

Wood type is an important log splitter safety consideration.

Log Splitter Safety Tip 1: Mind the Wood

Like all things, wood comes in a variety of strengths, grains and brittleness. Certain types of wood react differently as they are split. Always place your hands on the sides on the log, not on the ends, before placing the wood inside the log splitter. If you get into wood that isn’t straight grained or has crotches, be prepared for it to split irregularly – whether that is at an angle, a big chunk come out the side, the log turns sideways, etc. Identify any out of the ordinary pieces of wood and then continue with caution.

Tip 2: Only work when you are alert and rested

Worker fatigue is one of the most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries. Workplace safety initiatives constantly emphasize the importance of proper rest. The same holds true for any weekend work around the yard. A mistake with a log splitter caused by drowsiness can turn an afternoon task into a trip to the emergency room. Don’t work with a log splitter if you are overly tired. Get some rest first. And don’t operate any machinery while drinking alcohol. Save the spirits until after the hard work is done.

Tip 3: Dress the Part

Wear The Right Clothing. Always wear safety glasses or goggles while using the log splitter. Never wear loose fitting clothing or jewelry, instead wear snug fitting, comfortable clothes and gloves during splitter operation. On the same note, never operate barefoot or while wearing sandals. Always wear protective shoes with non-skid soles.

Make sure your Log splitter is properly maintained

An often overlooked aspect of small engine safety is small engine equipment maintenance. Worn parts and blades can cause unwanted splinters and other debris to become nasty projectiles. A good log splitter maintenance schedule will reduce the possibility of both damage to the log splitter and the potential for injury.

Log Splitter Repair and Maintenance with Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair

Gregs Small Engine Repair and Service is committed to providing quality log splitter safety by offering log splitter  repair services to the residents of Reno, Tahoe, Incline Village and Carson City. We have the experience and knowledge to work on any type of log splitter. And to save you time, we even offer pick up and delivery service. We will come to you, pick up your log splitter or other equipment, service it and return it to you. Contact us today!