Portable Generator Repair Tips

A portable generator is a huge investment in terms of both cost and necessity. Making sure that your portable generator is running properly can mean the difference between convenience and comfort during a power outage caused by a winter storm, or the misery and possible safety hazards associated with long term power outages. Whatever you use your portable generator for, it is important to keep it running well through proper and thorough maintenance. If, however, you find that you are having trouble starting your generator and need a few portable generator repair tips, you are in luck. Below are some common portable generator repair tips that may help.

Portable Generator Repair Tips: The Vitals

Portable Generator Repair

Portable generators require routine maintenance and repair.

Most portable generator use a 4 stroke gas engine to run the generator and produce power. A 4 stroke engine needs 3 things to start and run properly – air, fuel and spark. If one of these is missing, the engine will not run. Most engine issues are the due to the lack of one of these elements.

Portable Generator Repair Tip: Fuel

Fuel is obviously important. If you suspect that your engine in your portable generator is not getting enough fuel, there are a few thing you do.

First, make sure that you are using good gas that hasn’t been sitting in the tank. Old gas can cause the engine to run rough.

If the engine isn’t starting, check the vent hole on top of the gas cap. The vent allows the fuel to flow into the carburetor. If it is clogged, fuel will not be delivered to the engine.

If it still fails to start, it may be due to a bad or clogged fuel pump or carburetor. Check out this youtube video that shows how to properly clean a small engine carburetor.

Portable Generator Repair Tip: Air

Another important element to proper small engine operation is air delivery. If air is not entering the combustion chamber, the fuel will fail to ignite. The most common problem is a clogged air filter. A dirt air filter will cause your engine to run rough or not start at all. Replace or clean (if it isn’t too dirty) your air filter to keep your engine running tip top.

Portable Generator Repair Tip: Spark

You could have all the gas and air in the world, but if there is no spark, the engine will not start. The spark plug delivers the spark that ignites the fuel air mixture. If it is not working properly, it can cause the engine to run rough or not run at all. Check the spark plug for wear and corrosion. A white or tan spark plug may indicate that you engine

Portable Generator Repair

Keep your portable generator engine running by cleaning or replacing the spark plug.

is running to lean, and a one covered in a oily layer of carbon can indicate that your engine is running rich (too much fuel). Both of these cases will inhibit the delivery of spark to the fuel. Make sure you clean or replace a spark plug that is dirty or highly worn. If you believe that your engine is running to rich or lean, this can be caused by bad fuel/air mixture, a clogged carburetor, air filter or fuel filter. Check and replace as needed.

If All Else Fails, Let Greg’s Small Engine Fix it!

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