How to Remove Snow: Shoveling Vs. Snow Blowers

When the temperature starts to drop, it’s only a matter of time before you get to experience the first snow.  If you’ve had a hard time clearing off all the snow every winter, you must have wished for a better and easier way to do it.

There are only four to five ways to remove snow, but the most commonly used methods are by using snow blowers or shoveling. Wondering which is the best option to use between the two? It helps if you consider the pros and cons of both methods.

To help you arrive at the best choice based on your needs and preference, below are some of the comparisons between shoveling and snow blowers.

how to remove snow


Shoveling may be an old-fashioned method of clearing off the snow in your driveway but it is still one of the most commonly used. The thought of doing the whole thing may seem overwhelming! But thankfully, there are different types of shovels which work according to your convenience.

Shovels are pretty simple to use. There are several types and designs that can handle large amounts of snow. And compared to a snow blower, shovels are much cheaper. There are even smaller and lighter types available for users who can’t handle heavy loads.

Want to quickly and efficiently remove small amounts of snow? Shovels can be a better option because they can fit into smaller areas where a snow blower can’t. There are no restrictions when it comes to space, size, or cords. They are also light enough to bring wherever you may want to start removing the snow from. They don’t require maintenance and are easy to store.

Shovels require manual or physical exertion, but it can be a good form of exercise. They also need very little or no maintenance at all. Have the type with an adjustable handle? All you need to do is to check the screws from time to time to make sure they are tight. If you encounter some issues with your shovel, they will be easy to fix.


Snow blowers are way more costly than shovels. If you are considering buying a snow blower, you need to consider the frequency of snowfall in your area. If you experience snow only on rare occasions, it might not be worth your money. However, if you experience snow most of the winter season, then this might just be exactly what you need. But before you finally decide on buying a snow blower, you also need to have a clear understanding of how it works.

Both electrical and gas-powered versions of snow blowers can clear large strips of snow. Using it will move the snow up and away from the area you are trying to clear. One of the things snow blowers can do for you is remove a huge amount of snow at one time. There are also several types that you can choose from, so you can choose your preferred size and weight.

There are also some features which make snow blowers more convenient to use. These include adjustable clearance heights, self-propelling, and adjustable snow chutes. These are the options that make them a better choice than a shovel!  This is especially helpful when you are unable to lift heavier loads or you have a lot of snow to remove,

If there is any downside to choosing a snow blower, it would be the fact that you need to keep it plugged in if it is electric. You may be restricted by the length of the cord. And if it is gas-powered, you need to make sure you have gas stored for it somewhere.  You also need the space to be able to use it efficiently. They are also loud to use and require a safe place for storage.

The debate over whether a snow blower or a shovel is better to use will always depend on your preference and needs. But if you prefer to use a snow blower, you’ll need an expert for snow blower repair and maintenance. You can rely on the services of Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair.