Should Tahoe’s residents have their snow blower repaired for El Nino?

Snow Blower Repair Lake Tahoe

Get your snow blower repaired before braving the Lake Tahoe snow!

The debate has been raging amongst meteorologists about the 2015 El Nino weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean. Leaving many Tahoe residents with the question “Am I winter ready?”
Many of you learned long ago how to stock survival supplies like food and water, but what about mobility. “Is your snow blower repaired and ready to move all that snow if you have an emergency and need to leave?”


All agree that the temperatures in the Pacific rival that of the previous “super” El Nino from 1997/98. The phenomena has a 90 percent chance of lasting through February of 2016.
A July report released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service indicates a significant increase in Pacific surface water temperatures and strengthening equatorial westerly winds reflect an ongoing and strengthening El Niño.
According to this report there is now a 5 percent increase since June and now a 40 percent increase since March that this is going to be a wet winter. Does this increase in precipitation mean snow for Tahoe? Which translates to work for your snow blower?


Geographically speaking Tahoe resides in a region where it could be colder, arctic weather patterns which produce snow accumulation.
Predicting El Nino anomalies is done through models based on previous events. This data is run over, and over, again to account for the rising heat out of the Pacific Ocean and the shifting trade winds. The models coincide with the report that the heat will continue to rise out of the Pacific Ocean through March 2016 and “many multi-model averages predict a strong event at its peak strength.”

Repair your snow blower before the snow hits Tahoe.

Repair your snow blower before the snow hits Tahoe.

Brian Brong, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service who focuses on the Tahoe region, said that the models suggest increased precipitation is on the horizon.
With Tahoe’s elevation so high it seems like snow fall is evident now more than ever. Since the El Nino event will be lasting into the spring you may have to clean off your property more than once if you’re going to work. Getting out of your garage or driveways on a daily basis is going to be necessary to get to work or retrieve more winter supplies.
If you don’t want to be out there every morning with your shovel you may want to take a look at your snow blower. We have had a few mild winters over the last three years so chances are you haven’t had to use your machine. Needless to say it might not be working properly, or it might not be working at all.
You may not have the time needed to service, and repair, your snow blower before El Nino gets here. Save time and hassle by bringing your machine by Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair. We can have it running brand new in just a few days.
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