Small Engine Tune Up

An important part of snow blower, lawn mower, pressure washer, portable generator, rototiller or other small engine equipment maintenance is to make sure that the small engine that powers these tools is tuned up and running as

Small Engine Tune Up

A small engine tune up is essential for proper equipment maintenance.

smooth as a top. There are several elements to a small engine tune up. Below is a list of recommendations for a proper small engine tune up.

When should I tune up my small engine?

A small engine tune up usually consists of a few relatively easy maintenance procedures and should be completed once every 50 hours of engine running time. But many small engine mechanics and manufacturers recommend that you tune up the small engine in your equipment at the start of every season.

Small Engine Tune up: Oil Change

If your lawn mower, snow blower or other small engine equipment has a four cycle engine, making sure that you change the oil is essential to extend the life of your engine. If you are performing an oil change on your small engine yourself, make sure that you follow the owner’s manual for the recommended oil weight. For a snow blower, use four-cycle small engine oil that is formulated to operate in cold and freezing temperatures. Otherwise, the oil can congeal and become a less effective lubricant.

Small Engine Tune up: Spark Plug

Another important step in a small engine tune up is to change or clean the spark plug. Most maintenance schedules

Small Engine Tune Up

Keep your small engine running by cleaning or replacing the spark plug.

recommend changing the spark plug every year. If the engine is run frequently, it is also a good idea to check the spark plug regularly for wear and/or deposit build up. A dirty spark plug can reduce the efficiency of the engine and may be a sign that your engine needs more extensive repair. If your spark plug fouls and becomes dirty after minimal use, you may need to get it checked out by a professional small engine mechanic.

Small Engine Tune-up: Air Filter

The air filter on a small engine ensures that no particulates in the air, such as those kicked up by a lawn mower, damage the engines combustion chamber. In the process of doing its job protecting your engine, the air filter can become clogged and back-upped with debris. This can lead to less efficient airflow into the engine, causing a reduction in efficiency. The air filter should be checked or cleaned every 25 hours of engine running time.

Small Engine Tune Up: Cooling Fans and Degreaser

The cooling fins on your small engine are those small, extended parallel surface areas that help to keep your engine from overheating. You may need to remove the engine housing to access them. If the cooling fins are coated in grease or debris, they will not be able to keep your engine cool as easily, which can lead to overheating and costly repair. Use engine degreaser and a small brush to wipe away any debris from the cooling fins and other exposed or dirty areas of the engine.

Small Engine Tune Up with Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair

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