Snow Blower Storage

The warmer months are fast approaching. Winter has loosed its grip on the Reno and Lake Tahoe regions. The snow pack is slowing receding, the flowers are blooming and soon the heat of summer will be upon us. Throughout the long, harsh winter, your snow blower has been your indispensable friend. It has helped clear dangerous and irritating snow drifts from your driveway and walkways, making your winter both safer and less burdensome. The time has come, barring a last freak snow storm, for you to put up your snow blower for the season and break out the lawn mower. But before you do so, there are a few things you should remember to do. Part of good snow blower maintenance is making sure that you perform a few necessary maintenance items before you put away the blower for the season. Below we will discuss a few of the essentials.

Pre Storage Maintenance

The first thing to do before you store your snow blower is to ensure that there is no left over fuel in the tank. Gasoline that is left in the tank for long periods of time during the off season can gum and deposits and acids can eat away at the lines. The best way to ensure that your blower’s tank is empty is to run the engine until it is completely dry and won’t start. To ensure maximum protection from wear caused by ethanol gasoline, buy some ethanol free gas and run a bit of that in the engine until it is dry. This will ensure that there are not any ethanol deposits remaining in the lines, which can wreak havoc on your blower if allowed to sit too long.

Snow Blower Storage: Change the Oil

snow blower storage

Check the fluids of your snowblower before storage.

Before storage, take a look at the engine oil and change it if necessary.
Swap out the Spark Plug
If you did not change the spark plug before the winter season or during it, now is the time to do it. This will ensure that you are ready to fire up the snow blower without any setbacks for next year’s first snowfall.

Snow Blower Storage: Tighten fasteners

Check and tighten any loose nuts and bolts that tend to loosen from the snow blower’s vibration. And on two-stage models, adjust the auger’s scraper and skid shoes so the metal auger housing comes close to the surface without contacting it.

Clean Everything

Before storage, make sure that the snow blower is clean. Dirt and grim mixed with moisture can cause corrosion. Check the blades and auger for wear and any buildup of dirt or salt. Dry the blower after cleaning.

snow blower storage

Make sure you store your trusty snow blower properly!

Snow Blower Storage and Maintenance with Greg’s Small Engines

If you don’t have the time to devote to snow blower storage and the maintenance that comes with it, Greg’s Small Engines can help. Greg’s Small Engines services the Reno and Tahoe area and has the experience and knowledge to service a variety of makes and models. We even offer pick up and delivery service. Contact us today!