Winter and Snow Blower Safety

Snow blowers are those handy winter machines that save your back from the strain of shoveling snow. A good snow blower is vital to reducing the negative effects of snow accumulation during those long winter months. We often think of snow blowers in terms of convenience. Snow Blowers allow us to remove large amounts of snow that would otherwise have us shoveling for hours. But there are also serious safety advantageous to having a fully functioning and properly maintained snow blower at your disposal during the winter months. Keep reading to find out how snow blower safety and winter safety go hand in hand.

Winter and Snow blower Safety

During the winter months, snow and ice can pose a significant safety hazard. The snow can block roads, driveways and walkways, making travel a real hazard. Snowblowers can help clear this excess snow and provide a safe path through the winter storm.

snow blower safety

A working snowblower is essential for winter safety!

Snow blowers Prevent Injury

According to a report by CBS Chicago, snow shoveling related injuries are a serious concern. The instant workout and strain that shoveling snow puts on the heart coupled with the extreme cold can cause blood pressure increases and heart attacks and blood clots. According to the same news article, there are about 100 snow shoveling related deaths every winter.

While using snow blower instead of a shovel is not a guarantee of safety, they afford a significant reduction in needed exertion, which lowers the risk of negative side effects.

Snow Blower Safety and Emergency Services

Nobody wants to have to call 911. Sometimes, though, it is the only way to save a life. But if your walkways and driveways are blocked with piles of snow, it makes it difficult for emergency response personal to maneuver vehicles and equipment. Snow can even obscure street markings, which need to visible for emergency personal to identify your home. Keeping your driveway, walkway and other entry areas free of excessive snow build up will help save precious time in the event of an emergency.  A well maintained snow blower can help you ensure that there is adequate access to your home.

Snow Blowers are Easier and More Efficient Than Shovels

One of the greatest advantages of snow blowers is the efficiency and convenience that they afford the user. People who would otherwise not be able to clear their driveway or walkway by shovel can do it with a snow blower. And this allows them to take advantage of the safety benefits of a clear driveway while saving themselves the strain and

Snow blower safety

Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair can tackle all your snowblower needs!

danger of shoveling snow.

Snow Blower Safety and Repair at Greg’s Small Engines

Making sure your snow blower is working properly is the first step to ensuring safety during the winter months. Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair is the number one provider of snowblower repair and maintenance in the Reno and Lake Tahoe area. The professional service technicians at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can even come and pick your snowblower up, service it, and return it to you. In addition to Snowblower repair, Greg’s Small Engines services all types of small engine equipment, including log splitters, lawn mowers, blowers and portable generators. Come check out our website and contact us today!