5 Tips for Pressure Washer Pump Maintenance

Pressure washing has become a popular method of cleaning a wide variety of surfaces, not only at homes and residential units but also in commercial and industrial locations.

A pressure washer is an excellent tool used to quickly and efficiently remove all types of dirt and stains, and maintain the look of property or space. It has several different applications, too. From patios, sidewalks, home exteriors, cars and other surfaces, pressure washing is an ideal method that applies to various cleaning contexts.

Because a pressure washer is powerful enough to do a lot of cleaning in only a fraction of the time, it’s only fair to give this tool the care it deserves.

Proper pressure washer pump maintenance can keep the machine running smoothly. It can also prolong its life. Here are some helpful tips to follow for maintaining your pressure washer pump.

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Steer clear of contaminants

Contaminants are things which clog the pump valves and will create significant pressure inside the pump. And too much pressure in the pump can be dangerous. The first step to removing the contaminants from the water tank is by preparing the tank for use. Remove the wands and any other attachments from the spray gun and turn on the water supply. Hold the spray gun until the water streams steadily and do it for at least two minutes.

Change the oil every month

To keep the pump running smoothly, make sure to change the oil in the pressure washer regularly. Just like in a car, it is the oil in the power washer pump which keeps its parts moving without friction.

Over time, the debris collected from circulated oil thickens the oil. This results in a more heavy usage. For a smooth running pressure washer, make it a habit to change the oil on a monthly basis.

To change the oil, remove the oil cap with the use of an Allen wrench. Pour all the used oil into a separate container and see if it has bubbles or is off-white in color. The presence of bubbles may imply water leaks or a blown seal. After collecting the used oil, refill the washer with new oil.

Don’t allow it to run dry

Water keeps the engine from overheating, so make sure you never let your pump run dry. Make sure it always has water. Running it dry will burn out your pump in just a matter of minutes.

Make it a habit to check the tank and fill it with water before using the pump.  When you starve your pressure washer pump of water, it will suck in more air, causing the pump to burn up.

Also, check the hoses and make sure there are no cleanliness or filtering issues that could be affecting the water supply. It’s a lot easier to do these things than to pay for or repair a pump that has burnt up.

Lubricate pressure washer hose connectors

The hose connectors in a power washer pump can easily tear because they get twisted every now and then. This causes them to fail in the long run. While oil is a good lubricant, it washes off when it gets wet. It would be better to use plumber’s grease instead. When your connectors look dry, make sure to apply a new coating.

Use cleaning fluids designed for power washers

To make sure your power washer lasts longer, only use cleaning fluids specifically designed for power washers. General purpose cleaning liquids and soaps may cause damage and even destroy your pump. Make sure you’re using the right soaps because they may not do the job well or they might cause discoloration on your alloy wheels.

It is always best to use the recommended products for your pump. They may cost a bit more but are specially created to work with your machine. Take time to brush surfaces and rinse it well. Also, don’t forget to run clear water through the pump before you turn it off.

Proper maintenance of your pressure washer pump is an excellent way to increase its longevity. However, because power washers are still a machine, breakdowns are inevitable. When there comes a time when you need quality pressure washer repair services, get in touch with the experts – Greg’s Small Engine.