Troubleshooting Common Ariens Snowblower Repair Issues

Are you facing Ariens snowblower repair issues? This guide is just for you!


Your Ariens snowblower is built tough, but like any machine, it can experience issues over time. By learning some DIY Ariens snowblower repair techniques, you can often diagnose and fix problems yourself without the hassle and expense of taking them to a shop.


This guide will walk you through solutions for the most frequent Ariens snowblower repair needs to get your machine running like new again. Let’s explore some of the most common Ariens snow blower repair problems and their solutions.


Ariens Snowblower Won’t Start


If your Ariens snowblower won’t start, there are a few key things to check:


Fuel Issues

Make sure there is fresh gas in the fuel tank, and it’s reaching the carburetor. Over time, debris can clog the fuel filter or lines. Replacing the fuel filter and cleaning the carburetor can often get fuel flowing correctly again.


Spark Plug

Examine the spark plug, which may be fouled or faulty. Replacing the spark plug is an easy and inexpensive Ariens snowblower repair. Make sure the new plug is properly gapped.


Starter Recoil

The pull cord may not be engaging the starter recoil properly. Take off the starter assembly and clean out any packed snow or ice buildup. Lubricating it can help the recoil move freely again.


Sheared Flywheel Key

If the engine spins but won’t start, the flywheel key may be sheared. Replacing this small part realigns the flywheel and gets the engine spinning properly to start.


Ariens Snowblower Runs Rough Or Stalls


There are several common causes for poor performance:


Clogged Fuel Filter/Lines

Much like starting issues, restricted fuel flow due to debris can make the engine sputter or stall. Swapping the fuel filter and cleaning the carburetor intake help.


Fouled Spark Plug

A fouled or failing spark plug prevents proper ignition. Replace the plug and check that the gap is correct.


Carburetor Issues

More extensive carburetor cleaning or rebuilding may be needed if it is gummed up internally. Taking it to a small engine repair shop is best for carburetor work.

Sheared Flywheel Key

Just like trouble starting, if the flywheel key is damaged, it throws off the engine timing. Replacing this inexpensive part usually solves the rough-running issues.


Ariens Snowblower Has No Drive Or Traction


Lack of drive or tracking are common Ariens snowblower repair complaints:


Worn Friction Wheel

The friction wheel connects the transmission to the auger. As it wears down over time, it loses traction. Replace it to restore proper drive power.


Loose Auger Belt

If the auger belt is loose or damaged, the impeller may spin, but not the drive system. Tightening the belt or replacing it as needed will fix this.


Sheared Pins

Check the pins and keys on the axles and drive shafts. Sheared pins let the wheels and augers freewheel separately from the drivetrain.


Damaged Gears/Bearings

Inspect the gear case oil and gear teeth for metal shavings indicating damaged gears. Repair or replace damaged components as needed to get power transmitting properly.


Ariens Snowblower Doesn’t Discharge Snow


If snow and ice build-up in the discharge chute, there are a few things to inspect:


Auger Belt

Much like drive issues, if the auger belt is loose or damaged, it prevents the impeller from spinning right to eject snow.


Clogged Chute

Packed snow and ice can entirely block the discharge chute. Carefully clear the obstruction with a stick. Spraying PAM or silicone lubricant inside the chute prevents clogging.


Sheared Shear Bolts

The augers have shear bolts designed to break under load before damaging the gearbox. Replace any sheared bolts so the augers turn properly.


Worn Auger Bearings


Worn auger shaft bearings prevent smooth impeller and auger operation, leading to jamming. Replace damaged bearings so moving parts turn freely.



With some basic troubleshooting and common replacement parts, many Ariens snowblower repair problems can be fixed affordably at home. For more complex issues, consult your Ariens dealer for professional service. Follow the tips in this guide to get your snowblower running reliably for seasons to come.


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