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Carson City Small Engine Repair

For small engine repairs in Carson City, there are few places that are as equipped to handle the demands of any job quite like Greg's Small Engine Service and Repair. Residents of the area are well aware that 2016 saw record breaking snowfall and moisture. The foliage growth and by default property maintenance has become a task that can't be ignored. In order to maintain these tasks, all equipment needs to be functioning perfectly. At Greg's, we are up to the task of ensuring these devices are ready for action in every season. By offering comprehensive service, we ensure that no customer is left blowing in the wind.

What Makes Greg's Small Engine Service and Repair Unique

Carson City Small engine repair

Your local small engine repair service

Greg's was the idea of a local man named Greg Tenbroeck. Since opening our doors as a locally owned and operated business, we have continued to build our reputation as an industry leader in engine repair. For a locally owned business, customer service is paramount the the company's success. Part of this is being accessible to our customers seven days a week.

Another convenience that we bring to the table in the lives of our clients is our mobility. Greg's offers onsite project work. Being in a rural setting like that of Washoe or Carson Valley can sometimes mean limited access to technicians when a piece of machinery breaks. It can also mean a 20 to 50 minute drive with products in tow. This is time consuming and cumbersome. At Greg's Small Engine Service and Repair, we are aware of this problem and have created a business that allows our clients to get help right in their driveway. Our goal is to provide the highest quality customer experience, with excellent results, at the convenience of our clients.

The Services We Provide For Our Clients in Carson City

In order to fulfill as many requests from our customers as possible, we offer a comprehensive list of services. Some of these services include:

  • Air filter service
  • Battery service
  • Blade sharpening
  • Carburetor repair
  • Chute mechanism service
  • Electric starter service
  • Fuel and chemical disposal
  • Lawn mower repair
  • Linkage and pivot point lubrication
  • Metal fabrication
  • Small motor repair
  • Tune-ups
  • Timing or calibration


While we can provide a general list of services, we encourage people to call us with any project needs. Our representatives are friendly and ready to help solve whatever the issue may be. Also, on the rare occasion that we can not fix a problem, we are able to direct you to someone that can help.

We also offer help when our customers need assistance with prepping summer equipment for winter storage and vice versa. It is also important to create a maintenance schedule to ensure every piece of machinery remains in operation.

Sometimes a job requires the equipment to be brought into our shop. If this is the case, you wont be burdened with the task of transporting it. We drop off and pick up any machinery that requires more attention than we can complete onsite.

The Machines We Can Work On

While our technicians are trained to work an a wide variety of equipment, here are some of products that we specialize in:

  • Snow blowers
  • Lawn mowers


The list of manufacturers equipment that we can repair is long. Anything from Bear Cat to Echo and Lawn Boy to Yamakoyo is welcome at Greg's. Our technicians are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills to accommodate as many makes, models, and issues as possible.

We are prepared to diagnose, plan and see every project to its end so local businesses don't have to deal with the stress of broken equipment. Don't hesitate to contact us and see if there is anything we can do to help with any small engine repair in Carson City.


These guys are awesome! I was turned away from every other small engine shop in Reno/Sparks due to the type of engines I had. I need my engines for work so when these guys found out my situation they not only drove from carson city to sparks, they went to Napa and picked up spark plugs form me. Best customer service ever! Customer for life! Thanks guys. Read more

Taylor L. - Sparks, NV

Greg & James are a great father/son team who provide the BEST in customer service! They just fixed our 25 year old snowblower that had never had a full service before. They picked it up & dropped it off (all part of the price) and it’s running as if it’s brand new. Thanks guys for being so customer-service focused! Read more

Thank You!

I asked Greg’s Small Engine Power Equipment Service & Repair to look at and repair three different Small Engine Machines – a Snow Blower, Rototiller & a Pressure Washer. They were honest and straight forward about needed potential repairs. They said what they were going to do and followed through. The best two things in their Service was not to repair a machine that was not worth repairing and Picking Up and Delivering the Power Equipment. Their Service saved me Money & Time. I certainly would recommend them for your Small Engine Power Equipment Needs. Read more

Ken - Reno NV

“My snow-blower broke down during our heavy Winter this year.  I was distraught and had to find someone to help me get my snow-blower working again.  I found gregsmallengine.com and talked to the owner, Greg.  He called me and let me know what was done to my machine to get it up and running again.  The cost was very reasonable and I am very happy to say it was delivered back to my house.

I am one happy customer and he is a super nice person!” Read more

Debbie R. - Stateline NV

Gregs Small Engines picks up & delivers your Lawn Mower back to you. Excellent Work/Service. Read more

David H, Gardnerville

“We can’t say enough great things about Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair. Personalized service, quick turn-around, during this crazy 2016-2017 Tahoe winter. Unbelievable! Thanks to James and Greg.” Read more

G&M Fins - Meyers CA

My snowblower broke down and I decided to call Greg’s Small Engine Repair. Greg drove up to my house in South Lake Tahoe and picked up my snowblower and had it fixed up within a couple days and delivered back to me. His pricing was fair and he called me before doing any fixes. Thank you! Read more

John B.South Lake Tahoe, CA

I really appreciate Greg’s Small Engine Snow Blower Pick Up & Delivery.  Greg’s Small Engine was prompt, efficient and reasonably priced.  They took excellent care of my Snow Blower!” Read more

Roxanne M. - Stateline NV

Greg and son run a great business. They provided a a very good ball park estimate when I first called. They were very helpful and honest in helping determine whether the repair would be worth it. They did a great job in repairing the mower for a reasonable cost. I highly recommend them. Read more

Paul S. , Reno