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Dayton Small Engine Repair

Our small engine repair shop is one of the leading providers of small engine repair service in Dayton Silver Springs, Stagecoach, Virginia City, and Gold Hill. We provide our great quality services every day so you don’t have to lose any time when something goes wrong with your equipment.

Our Core Belief

Our small engine repair company believes that the customer’s needs are a priority. Our entire team is committed to ensuring those needs are met quickly and accurately. This is how we get repeat customers and referrals. Our customers know who to call every time they need their small engine serviced. We also have a firm belief in professionalism. All our staff members treat customers with the utmost respect. Before conducting any repairs, we always take into consideration any customer feedback. They conduct repairs in a manner that meets the high standards of our customers. It would be an honor for us to show our professionalism, commitment and quality to you.

Small Engine Maintenance Services

Greg’s is not limited to just repairing broken down small engines. We also believe in a proactive approach. Helping our customers keep their equipment in top shape. It is one of the best ways in which people can avoid having to buy expensive new equipment.

The Services We Perform

Dayton Small Engine Repair

We offer a variety of small engine repair services

This is partial list of the services that we offer our customers. Please call to confirm if we offer a service not listed below.

  • Auger service
  • Battery maintenance service
  • Air filter maintenance service
  • Blade and tine sharpening
  • Belt replacement
  • Carburetor rebuilding
  • Cable adjustment and replacement
  • Chute mechanism services

Pick Up and Delivery Services

Greg’s Small Engine Repair Service offers a convenient pick up and delivery service. You probably don’t want to drive all the way into town to have your small engine checked or repaired. It can waste a lot of time which you could be using to run your business.

We realize this is a major inconvenience for you. Greg’s Small Engine Service and Repair will pick up the small engine for you. When the repairs are completed, we will promptly return the equipment to you. We have technicians on standby ready to begin repairs on site or in our shop. Our dedication to our customers’ convenience is why we strive to make it easy for our you to get your engine repaired.

We Service more than Just Lawn Mowers

When most people hear about a small engine repair service, they think of lawn mowers. However, we repair all types of lawn mowers and snowblowers within a home or business. If you have a small engine that you think deserves some servicing, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our services can be accessed in:

  • Silver Springs
  • Stagecoach
  • Virginia City
  • Gold Hill
  • Dayton
  • Mogul

Blade sharpening Services

A dull lawn mower blade will cause you to pull and rip grass out of the soil instead of cutting it down to size. However, you should always leave the job of removing and sharpening the blade to the pros.

If you need any kind of servicing or repair for your small engine, get in touch with Greg’s Small Engine Repair. We are always ready to service our customers.


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