Expert Lawn Boy Repair Tips

Lawn Boy lawn mowers are designed to be durable, long-lasting machines. However, like any mechanical equipment, they can eventually require repairs and maintenance. Properly maintaining and doing your Lawn Boy repair can save you time and money. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide tips on troubleshooting common Lawn Boy problems, instructions for basic Lawn Boy repairs, and suggestions on when to seek professional service.

Signs Your Lawn Boy Needs Repair

The first step in lawn mower repair is recognizing when your machine needs service. Here are some telltale signs that your Lawn Boy may require maintenance or repairs:

  • Excessive vibration during operation
  • Loud or unusual noises while cutting grass
  • Engine sputtering or stalling frequently
  • Cutting deck jamming or poor cutting performance
  • Gas or oil leaks
  • Loose or damaged parts
  • Worn or dull blades

If you notice any of these issues with your Lawn Boy mower, it’s time to inspect the machine more closely and make any needed repairs. Catching problems early can prevent more extensive damage down the line.

Safety Tips for DIY Lawn Boy Repairs

When tackling any small engine repair, it’s crucial to keep safety top of mind:

  • Disconnect the spark plug before servicing the mower
  • Wear protective eyewear and gloves
  • Allow the mower to fully cool before working on it
  • Use the correct tools for the job
  • Jack up the mower securely if working underneath
  • Avoid spilling gas or oil

Working safely will allow you to make repairs and avoid injury confidently. Know your limits, too – some repairs are best left to the professionals.

Common Lawn Boy Problems and How to Fix Them

Many issues with Lawn Boy mowers can be easily identified and remedied with basic mechanical skills and tools. Here are some of the most common problems and solutions:

Engine Won’t Start

  • Check for fuel – add if the tank is empty
  • Inspect/replace spark plug
  • Clean carburetor jets
  • Replace the air filter if clogged


Loss of Power

  • Sharpen or replace mower blades
  • Clean the underside of the mowing deck
  • Check oil level
  • Replace air filter
  • Clean fuel filter


Excessive Vibration

  • Balance or replace mower blades
  • Tighten loose parts
  • Replace the damaged blade adapter or pulley


Cutting Deck Jamming

  • Clear clippings from the underside of the deck
  • Adjust cutting height settings
  • Replace worn or bent blades


Leaking Gas or Oil

  • Tighten gas cap
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Inspect fuel lines for cracks
  • Tighten the oil drain plug
  • Replace damaged gaskets or seals

Following proper troubleshooting and using replacement parts specific to your Lawn Boy model will get your mower back to peak performance.

When to Contact a Professional Service

While routine maintenance is manageable for DIYers, more complex repairs may require a professional. You should consult a professional for:

  • Major engine overhaul or replacement
  • Repairing bent crankshafts
  • Transmission or drive train repairs
  • Electrical issues
  • Carburetor rebuilding


Manufacturer-approved Lawn Boy repair technicians have specialized tools and training to diagnose and fix serious mower problems efficiently. They can also handle warranty-related repairs.

Check for local mower shops or dealers in your area that service Lawn Boy machines. Established shops with trained technicians will provide quality repairs to your mower needs.

Maintaining Your Lawn Boy for Optimal Performance

Proper maintenance is crucial for getting the most life and performance out of your Lawn Boy. Follow these tips to keep your mower in tip-top shape:

Replace Vital Parts Regularly

Certain mower components wear down with use and should be replaced routinely:

  • Air filter – Replace every 25 hours of use
  • Spark plug – Replace yearly or after 100 hours of use
  • Fuel filter – Check monthly and replace if clogged
  • Oil – Change every 25 hours of operation

Use only manufacturer-approved replacement parts to avoid premature failures.

Sharpen and Balance Blades

Sharp mower blades cut grass cleanly and efficiently. Dull blades tear grass, potentially damaging your lawn.

  • Sharpen blades 2-3 times per year with a file or grinder
  • Check blade balance by placing on a screwdriver – grind if needed
  • Replace heavily damaged or bent blades

Properly balanced, ultra-sharp blades are key for a healthy lawn.

Frequently Clean the Mowing Deck

Over time, clippings, debris, and moisture build up under the deck.

  • Use a leaf blower or compressor to clear clippings.
  • Scrape caked-on debris with a putty knife
  • Wash deck with garden hose monthly

Proper cleaning promotes smooth cutting performance.

At the End of the Season – Winterize Your Mower

Preparing your Lawn Boy for storage over winter helps prevent fuel system problems and corrosion:

  • Drain the gas tank and run the engine dry
  • Disconnect and clean the spark plug
  • Wipe down the mower deck
  • Clean air filter
  • Apply fresh oil to stop rust
  • Store the mower in a dry, covered area

Take these steps at the end of the mowing season for an easy start next spring.


Finding Quality Lawn Boy Parts and Accessories

Using genuine Lawn Boy parts ensures proper fit and performance. Here are sources for parts and accessories:


Check Your Local Lawn Boy Dealer

Most equipment dealers stock common replacement parts like filters, blades, belts, batteries, and tires. Visiting the dealer allows you to inspect parts in person before purchasing. They can ensure you get the correct parts for your mower’s model and year.


Order From the Lawn Boy Website

The Lawn Boy website contains an online Parts Lookup section. Enter your model number to see diagrams of all parts and order directly from Lawn Boy. Parts ship quickly, usually within 1-2 days.


Utilize Third Party Part Suppliers

Websites like Jacks Small Engines and Parts Direct have extensive selections of aftermarket Lawn Boy parts at affordable prices. Read reviews and compare suppliers to find reliable parts.

Only use parts designed for your specific Lawn Boy model. Mixing incompatible parts can cause dangerous malfunctions. With quality parts and proper repairs, your Lawn Boy mower will provide years of reliable service.



Learning basic preventative maintenance and identifying potential issues will keep your Lawn Boy mower performing at its best. Refer to your operator’s manual for model-specific repairs and maintenance recommendations. When in doubt, bring your mower to an authorized Lawn Boy service dealer for expert repairs. With proper care and routine upkeep, your Lawn Boy will deliver decades of smooth and efficient lawn care.


Trust Greg’s Small Engine for Trusted Lawn Boy Repair

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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I perform my Lawn Boy self-propelled mower repair?

Check the drive belt, cables, wheels, and lubrication points specified in the owner’s manual to get your Lawn Boy self-propelled mower to move properly again.


How to repair Lawn Mower Boy carburetors?

Remove the carburetor, thoroughly clean it and blow out any debris, replace any worn parts, reassemble using new gaskets and o-rings, then reinstall and adjust as needed.


What kind of tips does this Lawn Boy repair guide provide?

This guide gives troubleshooting help, instructions for common repairs, maintenance tips, and recommendations on finding quality replacement parts.


Where can I purchase parts and accessories for Lawn Boy mowers?

Check local dealers, order from the Lawn Boy website, or use reputable third-party part supplier sites.


Who offers the best Lawn Boy repairing service near me?

Greg’s Small Engine has decades of experience providing professional Lawn Boy repairing services. The company is dedicated to providing professional, quality small engine service to Reno, Carson City, Incline Village, and the surrounding areas.