Guide to Buying an Electric Lawn Mower

Guide to Buying an Electric Lawn MowerAre you sick of the smoke and noise that a traditional gas-powered lawnmower makes? Are you sick of the hassle of replacing its oil, air filters, spark plugs, and gas? If you are, then an electric lawn mower is what you need. Now the question is what is the right electric lawn mower for you? Here is a guide to buying an electric lawn mower to help you out.

One reason to opt for an electric lawnmower is its eco-friendliness. An electric mower won’t need gasoline, so it won’t have any smelly exhaust and there will be no need for oil, either. There are also electric mowers that don’t have cords.

Should you buy a mower with or without a cord?

There are two kinds of electric mowers: corded and cordless.

Corded Lawn Mowers

Corded lawn mowers are the first models of the electric mower variant. They are powered by long extended cords that reach up to a hundred feet. Just plug the cord into a power source, and you’re ready to trim your grass. The problem with this type of lawnmower is its lack of maneuverability.  You can accidentally mow over its cord, which can be dangerous.

The biggest disadvantage with corded lawn mowers is that you have to keep dragging the cord around to avoid mowing over it. This can be a hassle. You’ll also need an extension cord if you have a larger yard. The longer the extension, the better for you to move, but also the more hassle it gives. You’ll need to be extra careful with it.

Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Cordless mowers are powered through rechargeable batteries. The more batteries, the more power it can store and the longer you can use your lawn mower. Typically, a cordless lawn mower can store 4 or more batteries. They come in different voltages, either in 12-volt, 24-volt, or 56-volt. Before buying a cordless lawn mower, find out how much area it can mow on a single charge. Its run-time will vary depending on the height and the type of grass you have.

Some cordless lawn mowers have removable batteries so you can replace it to continue mowing. Every battery will wear out and have to be replaced.

When comparing these two, there are advantages and disadvantages to both of them. A cordless mower does not depend on a power source and there is no hassle with dragging a cord behind. It can operate easily in more inaccessible areas. A corded mower does not need batteries because it can work with a power source. You won’t need to replace anything.

The good thing about electric lawn mowers is that they are quieter, unlike traditional gas-powered lawn mowers.

Does its weight matter?

Buying an Electric Lawn MowerWeight matters to consumers. Electric lawn mowers are usually lighter than gas-powered mowers. The weight of the batteries means that cordless mowers will weigh more than corded ones. Lighter lawn mowers are easier to move and work with.

Grass Management

The kind of mower should depend on the type of grass you have. There are types of mowers that eject grass clippings out to the side, or they can collect them into a bag for disposal. The choice will depend on preference. If you prefer to have the grass clippings in a bag, there are mowers that have attached bags. If you don’t mind cleaning up the grass after you mow, then a mower without a bag is good for you.

Grass Height Adjustment

Another thing to consider when buying an electric mower is the height adjustment of the grass. Height adjustment is important because experts say that grass shouldn’t be cut to less than 30% of its overall height. If you cut the grass shorter than the thirty percent, it can be more susceptible to disease. The grass will be more likely to turn yellow or brown when there are heat waves, even with regular watering.

There are many models of electric lawn mowers available to meet your preferences. Make the decision between getting a corded or cordless mower. Don’t forget to consider the height adjustment, the cutting width, and the grass management system. Lastly, consider the material of the mower. Mowers with plastic parts are lighter compared to metal but aren’t as durable. For more lawn mower options and lawn mower repair, check out Greg’s Small Engine today.