National Mentoring Month: Top 5 Reasons Why to Get a Mentor

When people speak of success, they often talk about how they got their career started and how far they were willing to go to reach their goals. One of the ways to reach your goals is to find someone who will personally guide you. Remembering them this month is one thing, celebrating the success you reached with their guidance is another!

National Mentoring Month began before Greek mythology. If you read the book, “The Odyssey,” one character specifically guides others in their lives. Mentoring encompasses both professional and academic development. Some of your teachers may guide you without you even noticing.

Mentoring appears in different disciplines such as:

  • Life
  • Art
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design
  • Beauty

Most people celebrate National Mentoring Month every January and everyone is invited to reminisce the bright experiences you had with your mentors.

Historical timeline of National Mentoring Month


Image source: National Today

Benefits of mentoring

Finding a mentor feels rewarding, especially if you find someone that shares the same interests as you do. Mentors share their experiences of how they learned their discipline. Also, refrain from thinking that a mentor is only meant for those in educational fields.

Never-ending support

Mentors support you even when you’re at your lowest point. Whenever you feel lost in life, especially in the field that you’re pursuing, your mentor supports you and encourages you to continue. They remind you that even if it’s hard, a bright future awaits.

Honest feedback

Mentors give the most honest and real feedback anyone will receive during the course of the program. This allows you to improve on your weaknesses and focus on areas that could be better.

Give motivation to continue the work

When most encounter hardships, they give up easily. However, mentors see this as an opportunity to push people in the right direction. Telling them to continue with the work as your mentor always has your back. Think about the decisions that led you to that moment and the choices you’ll make for the future.

Help you go through tough questions

In coaching, mentors ask tough questions that leave you pondering. Sit down, breathe, and think about the things you plan on doing. A mentor’s curiosity powers different minds just like a life coach. Mentors help you find the answer from your wit and gut.

Activities during mentoring month

During this month, people across the country embark on various activities to share their knowledge about different disciplines. It encourages people, onlookers, and aspirants to find someone to mentor or even find someone to mentor you if you want to pursue another path.

Others engage in activities like:

  • Mentoring someone
  • Finding a mentor
  • Celebrating with your mentors
  • Creating a community for mentors and mentees

Why love National Mentoring Month?

One of the best things about National Mentoring Month is that it allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with people looking for skills to develop. Other reasons include the following.

Ignites unity among comrades and peers

Mentoring gives a chance for people from different fields get acquainted. It allows them to grow their skills and selves to be better in their field. This also lets you meet the mentor for your chosen field or discipline.

Builds courage and confidence

Mentorship lets you build your courage to converse with different people. At times, people encounter challenges in starting conversations. However, participating in events like this help conquer those challenges!

Lets you engage with the community through mentoring

A number of states create engaging activities inline with mentoring. People across the country pursue different careers and may think of starting a new path. First, they need to know what they need and how will they do it. This happens when they find a mentor to guide them to reach their goals and aspirations.

Remember, when you know the path you want, find a mentor!