Spring Outdoor Cleaning Tips

Now that spring is here, getting the outside of your home looking its best is probably a top priority on to-do your list. With a lawn mower, pressure washer, and a few other simple supplies, enhancing your outdoor space is simple. It is important that you use these lawn care tips after a long, hard winter has left the outside of your home in need of TLC. Not only will you feel great being outside reviving your home, the added curb appeal and appearance will put a smile on your face. Here are some outdoor spring cleaning tips that you can use to make your home look spectacular.

Lawn Care Tips for Success

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Trim your lawn this Spring

Obviously, cutting the grass is one of the first tasks you’ll want to complete when spring rolls around. A well-manicured lawn enhances the appearance of any space while also making it easier to analyze the clean-up necessary to provide the intriguing look that you desire. If you don’t own a lawn mower, professional grass cutting companies are available for reasonable prices. The smell of fresh cut grass will inspire you to proceed with the clean- up and have your home looking its best in no time at all.

After the grass is cut, remove any stray weeds by hand. Check for weeds along sidewalks, the deck or patio, beside the porch, and other areas. It is also beneficial to use a weed eater to remove stray grass the mower missed.

Rake any leaves from the yard, and move on to your garden and flower beds for clean-up. Soggy, wet leaves, sticks, and other debris can interfere with the growth and appearance of your flowers, vegetables, fruits, etc., so remove the threat before any trouble develops.

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips: More to Get Done

Once these lawn care tasks are complete, there’s still plenty of work left to do to get the exterior of your home looking its best. But, don’t worry, it’s easy to make outdoor spring cleaning fun and less of a hassle when you turn the radio on and enjoy the phenomenal weather.

Long-handle brushes serve a variety of purposes. One of those purposes is the removal of cobwebs from the exterior of the home. Spring is the perfect time to use the brush to rid the home of unwanted cobwebs.

Don’t let the neighbors gossip about your dirty windows! At the first opportunity, get rid of the dirt, mud, sludge, and other dirt that’s been left behind from the winter. Clean the screens first, removing them and using soapy water and a sponge for the job. Next, clean the windows, inside out, using vinegar and water, newspaper, and a lint-free cloth. It feels good to let the natural light in!

Clean the deck or patio because you’ll want to use this space for special gatherings and fun with friends and family. Sweep the floor, but don’t stop there. Pressure wash the furniture, remove cobwebs, and prepare for the fun!

Pressure Washing Tips & More

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Pressure washers make cleaning easy

Pressure washing the home is also beneficial when spring rolls around. You’ll quickly and effortlessly remove dirt and grime from the home, revealing the beautiful home that you love. If you don’t own a pressure cleaner, rentals are available, or you can Contact us for professional pressure washing services.

Have you looked at your gutters lately? It’s time to check and clean, the gutters. Putting it off only adds potential danger and damage that is easily avoidable. Why not reduce your risk while there is still time?

Cleaning the garage is something that will also make you feel great. Head to the garage to clean. Prepare to sweep, sort, organize, dispose, and completely renovate the look of the area.

Start planting flowers as soon as the last frost of the season is over. Flowers add so much character to your lawn, and gives the elegant appearance you crave. Place flowers along sidewalks and in front of the home for welcoming charm.
Is it time to get your roll on? A fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home can add plenty of charm to a worn-out look. Painting banisters, the garage door, or even the fence can do more for the exterior appearance of your home than you might imagine.

Final Thoughts

Pressure washing and additional outdoor spring cleaning are things that can help your home look amazing this spring. Use these tips and get the exterior look that you want at your home!