What Is The Best Time Of Day To Mow Your Lawn?

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Mowing at the right time is good for your lawn mower

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair we are often asked about the best time of Day to mow your Lawn. The general rules are: Don’t use your lawn mower when the grass is wet or damp or during the heat of the day.

Mowing your Lawn when it is wet or damp makes your Lawn Mower work much harder and leads to the cutter housing getting clogged. Water makes the grass much heavier than just the grass alone, so the lawn mower engine must work much harder to cut the wet grass.

As the wet grass gets cut, it adheres to the inside of the cutter housing and eventually inhibits the cutting blade movement. This further increases your Motor’s workload. Mowing wet grass decreases the performance and life of your lawn mower making regular maintenance even more important.

Also, your Lawn Mower will not produce as nice of a finish cut and will tend to pull wet grass instead of cutting it leaving your Lawn’s appearance less than ideal.

Using your lawn mower during the heat of day is detrimental. The grass edges will dry out and turn a little brown, so that a nice green finished look is not achieved.

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Best Times to Mow

9am – 11am

Between the hours of 9am -11am the sun is higher in the sky allowing the grass to dry from early morning dew. It is still early enough to avoid the heat of day and use your lawn mower when it is still comfortable.

5pm – 7pm

The second best time to use your Lawn Mower is between 5pm and 7pm. By this time, the temperature has cooled down, which is less stressful on your Lawn. Cutting in the late afternoon also helps eliminate fungal diseases that can adversely affect the condition and health of your Grass.

Worst Times

6am – 8amgregs small engine mowing times

This is one of the worst times to use your Lawn Mower. The grass will still be wet from morning Dew, which can clog your Lawn Mower. If the ground is too wet, your Lawn Mower will leave tracks. This not only looks bad, but it can potentially damage your Lawn.

2pm – 4pm

This is the hottest part of the Day. The heat will cause Turf Stress on your Lawn and cause your Lawn Mower to run hotter, thus adversely effecting your Lawn Mower’s life and performance.

If you use your lawn mower during the best times that we listed, not only will you thank yourself but your lawn will be thanking you as well.