Why Buy a Honda Lawn Mower?

Honda makes high performance lawn mowers that are easy and convenient to use.  If your goal is to maintain a well-manicured and beautiful lawn, a quality Honda lawn mower is a great choice. Honda continually advances the technology in their lawn mowers which makes them a market leader today.

Honda lawn mower

A Honda lawn mower

Advancing Lawn Mower Technology

Honda was the first manufacturer to offer a hydrostatic drive in a 21’ lawn mower.  This allows precise speed settings across all mowing conditions.  This also means that you will not need to worry about braking and cracking your belt like other self-propelled lawn mowers on the market.

Honda invented the first overhead cam Engine.  Practically speaking, this means that Honda lawn mowers are lighter weight, create less noise, and have improved fuel efficiency.

Honda is the only manufacturer that uses “The Versamow System”.  This system was developed and introduced by Honda in 2003 and gives the user complete flexibility and control of grass flow during the mulching or bagging process. This feature is exclusively available on HRX Honda lawn mower products.

Honda invented The Twin Blade Advantage for their HRX and HRR model lawn mowers.  This means with each rotation of the blades, the lawn is cut once, then cut again for a smooth, even surface. The dual blades continuously chops up each piece of grass, producing finer clippings.  This is a vast improvement to mulching, because it’s easier for the valuable nutrients in the grass to return to the soil. This process will help feed the grass and keep it green. Additionally, when bagging, you’ll be emptying a lot less often because your Honda bag can hold much more of the smaller clippings.  The Twin Blade advantage on a Honda lawn mower means less work for the operator, and superior lawn care.

Honda Lawn Mower maintenance

Honda lawn mowers should get serviced and tuned-up just like any other lawn mower.  It is important to not wait until something brakes before getting your Honda lawn mower serviced.  If you do, you can ensure you have put extra stress on your machine. This decreases the reliability and life span of your Honda lawn mower.

Greg’s Small Engine Honda Lawn Mower Technicians

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Greg’s Small Engine

Greg’s Small Engine has specialized Honda Technicians to service and repair your Honda lawn mower.  At Greg’s Small Engine our goal is to provide exceptional customer service.  One of the many ways we provide the best in customer service is through our Mobile Pick-up and Delivery service.  We arrange a time that works for you for us to come pick up your Honda lawn mower and other Honda power equipment. When the machine is fixed, our scheduling department will schedule a convenient time to drop your machine off right back to you. This way, the only task you have when you need to fix or service your Honda lawn mower is to call Greg’s Small Engine. Then, we take care of the rest. This is the most convenient way for you to take care of your Honda lawn mower.

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