Mobile Small Engine Service: Changing the Game

When deciding where to go to fix your Snow Blower, portable generator, or lawn mower, you may be concerned about the hassle this task brings.  It can be a daunting experience and you may put it off for as long as possible… you may be thinking, “If only someone would have a mobile service to come pick it up and deliver it when it’s ready”.

At Greg’s Small Engines we have designed the easiest and most convenient way for you to fix these machines, ultimately saving you time.  We offer mobile Pick-up and delivery service for your power equipment.  No need to transport your Snow Blowers, lawn mowers, and portable generators yourself.  This saves you time and energy so you can do the things you love to do.  Whether that be working your own job or taking advantage of the beautiful Lake Tahoe Basin.

Instead of taking time out of your life to transfer your power equipment, Greg’s Small Engines mobile services will schedule a time to pick your equipment up, and will promptly be in touch once your machine is repaired.  Our mobile pick up and delivery scheduler will then coordinate a time to deliver your Snow Blower, lawn mower, and portable generators right back to you!

Even if you are out of town for a few weeks and don’t want your lawn mower delivered when you’re not there, Greg’s Small Engine will deliver your lawn mower when you return.  No Problem!

See, at Greg’s Small Engines our philosophy is to make the repair process as easy and convenient for you as possible, via mobile pick-up and delivery services.

Snow Blower

snow blower

Snow blower repair

Snow Blowers can be a joy to use when they are Tuned-up and functioning right.  When they are not working correctly, they can be very frustrating for the owner.  Especially, if you’re Snow Blower brakes down during a big storm.

Greg’s Small Engine’s mobile services were designed to assist you with this situation.  Greg’s Small Engines mobile service will pick-up and deliver your Snow Blower during the winter months, so you can spend your time doing more enjoyable activities.

Greg’s Small Engine’s mobile services will also pick-up and deliver your Snow Blower over the summer to get it tuned up for winter to give you the lowest chances of the Snow Blower braking down.

Lawn Mowers

lawn mower

Lawn mower repair

Lawn mowers are a fundamental machine for properties that have a lawn.  Due to the Reno-Tahoe area’s hot, dry, and consistent summer, lawn mowers take quite a bit of abuse.  Greg’s Small Engines mobile business is well stocked up on lawn mower parts and turnaround times are consistently a week or less.  This means you don’t have to wait over a week to cut your lawn.

If your lawn mower is experiencing any issues, contact Greg’s Small Engine mobile pick-up and delivery service to get it serviced and fixed the right way.



Generator repair

Generators are a practical item to have for many people.  Whether you need one for camping, outside activities, the Burning-man, or for back-up power to your home, Greg’s Small Engines mobile pick-up and delivery service has your back.  If the power goes out, don’t go into a panic wondering If you’re generator is going to function properly.  Instead, call the professionals at Greg’s Small Engines mobile pick-up and delivery service to make sure your generator is ready to provide power to your home at any time.

Call Greg’s Small Engines Mobile Pick–up and Delivery service today at 775-790-0435