How Does Ethanol Blended Gas Effect Your Small Engine Equipment?

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair we are often asked about Ethanol blended Gasoline and how in effects the performance and longevity of your lawn mowers, snow blowers, and portable generators.

Ethanol Blended Gas at your local Gas Pump

Many consumers are unaware of how the 2013 mandated introduction of Ethanol blended gas has impacted the Small Engine Power Equipment Industry. A 10% (E10) to 15% (E15) Ethanol blend of Gasoline has been making its way into retail gas pumps. A new Harris Poll on behalf of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI) concluded that U.S. consumers are ill-prepared for ethanol fuel blend use in their Small Engine Equipment.

Ethanol Blended Gas Small Engine Problems

Small Gasoline Engines were not designed for Ethanol blended Gas and Ethanol combustion can lead to premature engine damage.

  • Ethanol blended gas burns hotter and faster than traditional gas blends and can damage plastic components, valves and cause fuel leaks.
  • Because Ethanol blended Gas burns faster, the consumer will use more fuel for the same task.
  • Water is a bi-product of Ethanol combustion and the water residues left in the motor are counter-productive to long motor life and a leading cause of breached gaskets.
  • Ethanol residues build up in Small Engine Carburetors causing hard starting and sub-standard performance.
  • Small Engines are not designed for Ethanol blended gas and the associated expense to redesign the motors would be cost prohibitive for both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Ethanol Blended Gas Small Engine Maintenance

  • Check the oil and change (recommended once a season)
  • Add fuel treatment to combat the effects of ethanol combustion. There are many quality products available at your local Auto Parts Store.
  • Buy the best gas available in your area for your Small Engine Power Equipment. Buy E10 where available and avoid buying E15.

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