11 Yearly Lawn Mower Maintenance Tasks to Avoid Costly Repairs

For some, lawn maintenance is a passion, allowing you to exercise your creative side. For others, you dread the chore every week. Regardless of your take on it, it is necessary to do regular maintenance on your mower, like what is done during mobile lawn mower repair.

Thankfully, lawn mowers are very simple machines, not requiring a lot of mechanical skill to maintain. Lawn tractor repair can be a little more challenging, but is still something most budding home mechanics can handle.

Here are 11 yearly lawn mower maintenance tasks you will want to do to keep your mower working for years to come.

  1. Change the air filter.

    Many people forget about the air filter, especially among push mowers. However, for any gas engine, clean air is an essential component to the combustion process. If you air filter is clogged, you will not get the airflow you need, and your engine will start to stall.

  2. Replace the spark plug.

    Like air, the spark is necessary for combustion to happen. While the engine is running, the plug can become dirty or the spacing may no longer be to specification. If your spark plug is not firing correctly, it will cause your engine to lag and stall. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to replace the plug annually.

  3. Change the oil.

    mobile l;awn mower service Greg's Small Engine Just like a car, the lawn mower engine needs to have oil to lubricate the parts and keep it from seizing up. Also like a car, that oil gets old and needs to be replaced. Depending on the local laws and ordinances, you may need to hire a mobile lawn mower repair service to perform this for you in order to dispose of the old oil properly.

  4. Clean and oil the deck.

    The mower deck is what houses the blade and allows you to cut your lawn properly. Cleaning the built up grass grime and oiling the spindle the blade mounts to keeps air moving properly, and your grass cut evenly as you mow.

  5. Buy fresh gasoline.

    Most people do not pay much attention to the gas they put in their mower. However, be sure to buy fresh gas at the beginning of each mowing season. This ensures that no condensation has built up in the gas. It also ensures that additives like ethanol are not added to the mix.

  6. Clean out the carburetor.

    Lawn mowers have a very simple carburetor, which is what mixes the fuel and air before going to the engine for combustion. It necessary to clean them annually to keep them from building up carbon and other deposits to ensure it is working properly and that there are no foreign deposits making it into the engine.

  7. Drain the gasoline at the end of each mowing season.

    Moisture can build up in your lawn mower’s gas tank over the winter, and moisture is one of the leading causes of lawn mowers not starting. At the end of the season, be sure to run the engine completely out of fuel before storing it for the winter.

  8. Sharpen the blade.

    No one likes how a haircut feels or looks when the barber uses dull scissors. Why do we think our lawns look any better? Be to sharpen your blade annually. If you are not skilled at doing this, many mobile lawn mower repair services offer this as part of a maintenance package.

  9. Check the tire pressure.

    lawn tractor repair Greg's Small Engine If you have a lawn tractor, be sure you check the tire pressure regularly. Not having the right amount of air in the tires will not only affect the quality of your cut, but it can also lead to damaging the tires and rims, and lead to additional lawn tractor repair.

  10. Use a clean fuel filter.

    The fuel you use should be clean, with no debris. Most lawn mowers have a small fuel filter as part of the fuel system. It is important to replace this annually because debris in the filter can restrict the proper flow of fuel, and cause your mower not to run correctly.

  11. Get a professional tune-up.

    If small engine repair is not your cup of tea, or if your lawn mower is just not running properly and you cannot figure it out, you may want to hire a mobile lawn mower repair service to perform a professional tune-up. Most of what has been covered should be handled during the tune-up, leaving you ready for the season.

Not everyone enjoys tinkering with a lawn mower engines. However, keeping your lawn mower working properly throughout the season ensures your lawn will look great every time you use it. To learn more about lawn mower maintenance tips, or if you need mobile lawn mower service, contact us today