Pressure Washer Tips

Sometimes areas of your property need a deep cleaning. The outside of your house and your driveway are two of the biggest culprits for accumulating dirt and grime, diminishing the overall appearance of your home. After using a pressure washer, your house, driveway, and patio will look like new!

How to Choose a Pressure Washer

Make your home look like new!

Gas pressure washers are helpful for jobs that require a lot of power. A gas pressure washer has about twice the cleaning power of an electric pressure washer. If your home and property cleaning needs require something heavy duty, you will want to invest in a gas pressure washer.

Electric pressure washers are less expensive and require less upkeep. If you do occasional and less heavy duty property cleaning, then the electric pressure washer will suit your needs well.

How to Use a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer comes with different spray nozzles for various cleaning purposes. A spray nozzle with a smaller radius will deliver a faster, more concentrated stream. The more powerful and concentrated stream is great for knocking troublesome items off of surfaces. If you are using your pressure washer for basic cleaning, you can use a nozzle that will spray the water over a larger surface area with less power behind it.

For the most effective cleaning, aim the nozzle of the pressure washer at a 45-degree angle of the surface you are cleaning. A direct aim will just make any dirt or grime go deeper instead of being cleaned out. If you are spraying your house, use overlapping strokes originating from the bottom up. After you wash using the bottom-up technique, rinse from the top down to make sure no debris is being moved back up the surface of your home.

Pressure Washer Safety

Turn off your water before attaching your pressure washer.

When cleaning your property with a pressure washer, you must make sure you are safe with proper protection. The safety measures for pressure washers include hearing protection, safety glasses or goggles, and safety shoes.

When you first try out the pressure washer, test the pressure washer out by spraying in an area that may not be seen by guests. This gives you the opportunity to check the status of the pressure washer without damaging a visible area of your property.

Pressure Washer Maintenance

To keep your pressure washer working in top shape, make sure to clean and change out your air filter when the air filter is not working well. Check your tire pressure and keep enough air in your tires to support the power of the appliance.

If you rent a pressure washer instead of owning one, you can avoid any maintenance issues with pressure washers. If you own a pressure washer and are having trouble with your pressure washer, our team at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can help!

Pressure Washer Service & Repair

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