Portable Generator Maintenance Tips

Your portable generator allows you to support outdoor and emergency electrical needs, and it is imperative you take good care of your portable generator. At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, we have come up with some important things to keep in mind for portable generator maintenance!

Gasoline and Oil Requirements

portable generator maintenance

Good portable generator maintenance includes fuel!

When going through your portable generator maintenance checklist, include one checklist item involving the gas within the portable generator. Add stabilizer to your gasoline used in your portable generator in order to help keep the gasoline from settling and messing up your carburetor. If gasoline is left sitting without testing the portable generator monthly, the sitting gasoline and destroy your carburetor and require a carburetor rebuild.

Proper portable generator maintenance includes regular oil changes. When you first run your portable generator, it will most likely need an oil change within the first 30 hours of running. Make sure you stock up on oil and filters so you are prepared to change the oil regularly in an emergency situation that requires your portable generator.

Each oil change will merit an oil filter change as well. Remove the oil filter ian order to check its quality. If you cannot see light shining through the oil filter when you remove the filter from the portable generator, then it is time to replace that filter. New oil will not do you very much good if your filter is sabotaging the quality of the portable generator’s operation.

Test Your Portable Generator

Fire up your portable generator monthly just to make sure all is in order. This will give you peace of mind and will alert you if there is a need for any portable generator maintenance. It is far better to discover something wrong with a portable generator during a test run than when you really need it!

Clean Your Portable Generator

To keep your portable generator running smoothly, keep your portable generator clean. In your portable generator maintenance checklist, cleaning your portable generator will be an annual responsibility. Clean off your portable generator with clean towels and some degreaser. The portable generator cleaning time is also a great opportunity to check for any leaks that may need to be addressed.

Portable Generator Maintenance Safety

When performing maintenance tasks on your portable generator, make sure you are being safe. Your portable generator should be shut off and cooled down before adding or changing any fluids like gasoline, stabilizer, or oil. If you clean your portable generator with any water, dry your portable generator completely before running it even for a test run. You can always keep yourself safe with precautions like gloves and glasses or goggles to protect your eyes.

Portable Generator Maintenance, Service & Repair

portable generator maintenance

Our team at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can help your with your portable generator maintenance.

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can help you with portable generator maintenance. At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, our qualified team can check the portable generator’s ignition system and motor compression. We also lubricate linkage and pivot points on your portable generator to keep it running smoothly and effectively.

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, we can service a variety of brands for your small engine appliances. Some of the small engine brands we service include Briggs & Stratton, John Deere, and Honda.

Call Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair for portable generator maintenance help today!