7 Maintenance Tips for Lawn Mower Owners

Your car needs regular maintenance, and so do small engines tools, such as lawnmowers. Lawn mowers are one of the most useful appliances at home. Yet, it is also among the ones that are often neglected until it stops working. To keep your lawn mower safe, running, and to extend its lifespan, make sure you perform routine maintenance. It’s easy to do and won’t cost a lot of your money and time! Here are some lawn mower maintenance tips you can follow to keep your lawn mower in good shape.

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Read the Owner’s Manual

This step may sound very simple but this is something that most lawn mower owners just don’t do. The manual contains all the information you need to know about your mower. It is also in the manual that you’ll find basic instructions on how to properly care for it.  Take the time now to go through the manual for proper product usage; it will save you money, time and frustration in the long run!

Drain the Gasoline

According to lawn mower experts, one of the reasons why a lawn mower won’t start is because of old gasoline. At the end of your mowing season, run the remaining gas out of the mower, or have it drained. Be sure to use fresh gas in the spring.

Monitor the Oil Level

Consistently check the oil level in your lawn mower and see if there is any floating debris. Also look for oil that looks dark black in color. If you observe these things, it means the oil is either old or contaminated. You need to have it replaced.

Changing the oil should be simple. You just have to take out the drain plug and allow it to completely drain. But, if you can’t find the drain plug in your mower, you may also carefully tilt it to its side and use the fill hole to drain the oil.  Refer to your manual to find out the correct oil and right method to use. Follow your local environmental guidelines for proper disposal.

Clean the Deck

After each mow, make it a habit to clean the deck. To avoid liquids from leaking, always tip the mower with the air filters on the side up. Then use a broom to brush the grass out or use your gloved hand. Cleaning should be done thoroughly especially when dirt and grass have already collected under the deck. Scrub all the dirt away using a wire brush, soap, and water.

Clean or Replace the Air Filter

A lawn mower engine becomes strained when your air filter is dirty. It also burns gas less efficiently. Make sure your air filters are regularly cleaned or replaced. If you are using a paper filter, you need to replace it annually. But if you are using a foam filter, make it a habit to clean it at least once or twice per season.

Your air filter can be found on the opposite side of the engine from the oil cap. You will see some sort of housing or case for the filter which you can open with a screw assembly or a latch. Again, refer to your manual for replacement frequency, and filter size or type.

Clean Out the Undercarriage

The mower’s discharge chute has a tendency to get clogged when the grass gets caked in the undercarriage. Scrape the grass and the dirt off by using a wire brush. If you can’t take everything off, use a hose to wash off the remaining debris. And don’t forget to remove the spark plug before you start working on the undercarriage.

Change the Spark Plug

The spark plug is also another important component of an efficiently working lawn mower. The spark plug needs to be replaced once every year. This will help ensure the mower is easy to start.

Changing the spark plug is relatively easy. Take off the spark plug wire and use a wrench or socket to take out the old plug. Make sure the new plug has the correct gap. When you install the new plug, make sure that you don’t overtighten it.

By following these tips, you can ensure your lawn mower is always in good shape during the mowing season. But if you find yourself in need of a professional tune-up, you can always visit a reliable lawn mower repair shop.