Small Engine Maintenance: A DIY Guide

Why Small Engine Maintenance?

Small engine maintenance is essential for your small engine appliances because it gives you the opportunity to take preventative care. Spending time on small engine maintenance saves you time and money on larger repairs because you can catch them early or prevent them.

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, we came up with a few tips to empower you when it comes to small engine maintenance.

Read the Owner’s Manual

small engine maintenance

Small Engine Maintenance Step 1: Read the Owner’s Manual

When it comes to small engine maintenance, first things first: in order to take care of your small engine properly, you must first read the owner’s manual. This simple first step in small engine maintenance takes a little bit of time but will be worth your while when you gain a stronger understanding of your small engine.

Check Your Air Filter

A small engine maintenance quick fix is to check your air filter. If you let your air filter get too clogged with dust and debris, the clogged air filter can lead to more problems for small engine maintenance. Repair Clinic advises cleaning or changing the air filter every 25 hours of engine operation.



Another small engine maintenance tip is to degrease your small engine regularly. Spray a degreaser on oil stains on your small engine and let that sit for 10-15 minutes. After enough time has passed, you can wipe away the degreaser with a clean cloth and rinse with a hose. This will make a big difference in keeping your small engine maintenance simple!

Check and Change Oil Regularly

small engine maintenance

Small Engine Maintenance Tip: Check Your Oil!

For small engine maintenance, checking and changing your oil regularly is a must. The oil level and quality in a small engine should be checked every eight hours of small engine use. For proper small engine maintenance, the oil will need to be changed about every 50 hours, or every season.

Before you change your oil for small engine maintenance, make sure your engine is properly warmed up or at its operating temperature.

What Type of Fuel are You Using?

When helping with small engine maintenance, we at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair have encountered small engine owners using ethanol gas.

The use of ethanol gas on a small engine is disastrous, since ethanol gas causes fuel to absorb water. The water absorption in your fuel system leads to corrosion of the metal pieces in the carburetor and fuel tank.

Your carburetor could be damaged by ethanol gas. If you have used ethanol gas, you may need some Carburetor service. Don’t worry — we can take care of that.

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can offer assistance with maintaining your lawn mower or portable generator.

Small engines are used for Lawn Mowers, Snow Blowers, and Portable Generators. At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, we can provide small engine maintenance on a variety of small engine brands, from Americana and Bear Cat to Kawasaki and John Deere.

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