How to Repair a Small Engine

At Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair, we want to help you take care of your small engine appliances. Here are some steps you can take to repair a small engine before seeking professional help.

Small engine diagnosis and repair is like a puzzle. In order to repair a small engine, you must identify which piece is malfunctioning. We’ve addressed a few puzzle pieces to address when figuring out how to repair a small engine on your own.

Small Engine Won’t Start

If your small engine won’t start, there are a few options to address how to repair the small engine. To repair a small engine that won’t start, check for a defective spark plug, a clogged carburetor, a defective ignition coil, defective start switch, or a defective safety switch.

Other causes include the on-off switch being turned off or defective, improper recoil starter assembly, or the flywheel key being sheared in half.

Small Engine Stops After a Few Seconds

repair a small engine

To repair a small engine, check the carburetor.

If your small engine seems to die within a few seconds or even minutes, you want to look into a new spark plug or ensure your carburetor is cleaned.

Disconnect your spark plug first in order to diagnose its condition. Make sure you wear some sort of eye protection while taking this small engine repair step.

To clean the carburetor, remove the carburetor and then remove the float. Once you have also removed the jets and outer parts, you can clean the parts. Once all of the small parts are clean, it’s just a matter of reassembling and re-installing the carburetor.

Repair a Small Engine’s Draining Battery

If your small engine battery is draining, you will want to check the voltage regulator and alternator. The voltage regulator should keep your battery at a constant voltage level. If the voltage regulator in your small engine is acting up, the piece could be defective and be in need of replacement.

repair a small engine

Make sure you take safety precautions before you repair a small engine.

The good news is that alternator can be tested to make sure it works. You will need a meter to check your alternator to see if the alternator is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Safety First

If you want to repair a small engine on your own, make sure you know what is required to keep you safe. Make sure you are well rested before tracking to repair a small engine, since being tired can lead to careless mistakes.

Make sure you have all the right tools to repair a small engine, too! Using proper tools and equipment can ensure your safety when working on small engine maintenance and repair.




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