Snow Blower Repair Quick Tips

Are you ready for the snow season? Before winter brings fresh powder for skiing season in Lake Tahoe, make sure you are ready to clear snow out with your snow blower! Dust off your snow blower and get ready for the winter season.

Before you start putting your snow blower to use, make sure your snow removal equipment is prepared for the task. Does your snow blower need some repairs before use? Here are some simple steps to get you started before you repair your snow blower.

Snow Blower Storage

You can minimize the need for any snow blower repairs if you store your snow blower properly during the off seasons in Lake Tahoe as weather permits. Drain all fuel into a container outdoors before storing your snow blower. Avoid storing your snow blower in areas where a spark or open flame from another appliance could react with remaining fuel fumes.

Snow Blower Repair Lake Tahoe

Get your snow blower repaired before braving the Lake Tahoe snow!

The small engine in your snow blower will be less likely to need repair if you change the oil before storing the snow blower for thirty days or more. Cover and store your snow blower indoors to prevent accumulation of dirt and dust. If you must store your snow blower outdoors, cover the small engine appliance and make sure it is entirely off the ground in your Lake Tahoe home. These few tips will help your snow blower run smoothly when the time comes!

The Spark Plug

If your snow blower does not start, you will need to look into different snow blower repair options in Lake Tahoe. A great place to start is with the spark plug. Spark plugs should be replaced at least once per season, even if it appears to be functioning just fine. Spark plugs deteriorate with time as the carbon builds up and the electrode wears down.

Spark plugs can cause snow blowers to need repair for many reasons. The spark plug can be tested with a spark plug tester so you can isolate just that part of the snow blower. You will know it is time to replace the spark plug if the spark plug does not produce a clearly visible and strong connection between the two electrodes.

Snow Blower Repair

Snow Blower Repair available with Greg’s Small Engine

The spark plug also connects to the ignition coil, and sometimes the coil may not be delivering good power to the spark plug. You may need to replace the ignition coil as well as the spark plug. If it is not clear exactly which piece you need to replace, seek out small engine service or repair professionals for your snow blower repair.

Troubleshoot Your Snow Blower

There are certain problems that owners of snow blowers will encounter frequently. If you are not sure if it is time for your snow blower to be serviced professionally, run a series of diagnostic check-ups on your snow blower. Some common problems with small engine appliances can be fixed easily on your own with a few tools!

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair

Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can offer assistance with snow blower repair and maintenance of other small engine appliances in areas including Lake Tahoe. The trained technicians at Greg’s Small Engine Service & Repair can help you extend the longevity of your snow blowers, lawn mowers, Portable generators and more.

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